Star Wars: Age of Rebellion RPG – Lead By Example: A Sourcebook for Commanders

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It requires a vast and unique range of skills, from the ability to earn others trust to an innate understanding of military strategy. Lead by Example, a sourcebook for Star Wars: Age of Rebellion offers Commanders the tools and talents they need to guide their teams to victory.
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Lead by Example

The Star Wars Age of Rebellion Lead by Example Source Book offers Commanders the tools they need to guide their teams to victory and offers Game Masters the options they need to support Commander characters. This stunningly-illustrated 96-page career supplement does much more than introduce new Commander specializations and Signature Abilities. It features rules for staging cinematic mass combat scenarios, expanded guidelines for using Duty in your roleplaying sessions, and even a detailed catalog of military decorations for your fearless, dedicated Rebels to aspire to earn.

Without strong and capable leaders, the Rebellion against the Galactic Empire would never have become more than the guerrilla efforts of scattered and disorganized cells. Good commanders are necessary for the Rebellion to grow and succeed, but managing a Rebel cell, starfighter squadron, or capital ship is not easy. It requires a vast and unique range of skills, from the ability to earn others’ trust to an innate understanding of military strategy.

Acts of War

Star Wars Age of Rebellion focuses on the activities of the Rebel Alliance, there are countless avenues for your campaigns to pursue. Your group could be engaged in high-stakes diplomatic missions that take you to embattled Core Worlds or dedicated to undercover intelligence. You could be sent to defend a resource-rich Outer Rim planet from Imperial invasion or to liberate a planet whose people have effectively been enslaved for two decades. Lead by Example offers numerous suggestions for military campaigns full of strategic challenges and suspenseful combat.

Lead by Example also enables you to integrate epic mass combat scenarios into your campaign. The new guidelines are designed to easily situate PCs within large-scale battles between multiple squadrons or even entire armies and to create interesting, dramatic outcomes for each phase of the conflict.

Trappings of Command

An Ace couldn’t operate without her starfighter or a Soldier without his gun. Similarly, Commanders cannot operate without information and the means to communicate it. Lead by Example introduces gear and vehicles that help Commanders acquire the information they need in order to make decisions, organize it, and convey instructions effectively. For the first time, you can access the Rebel Alliance’s tactical data networks as you plan your next move. You can even access it and issue orders based on what you learn while traveling across continents in an AA-70 observation and command speeder, accompanied by several of your top staffers. Or, you can take the captain’s seat at the helm of an MC80A heavy star cruiser, just as Admiral Ackbar does in the Home One.

Commanders within the Rebellion are encouraged to reward the troops who risk their lives for the sake of a better galaxy. Therefore, you’ll find in Lead by Example military decorations that may be given to your team: from the Redbird Badge worn by those wounded in battle to the rare and prestigious Kalidor Crescent (typically given posthumously). Since the best leaders often fight in the front lines along with those under their command, you may even find a Star of Alderaan or Redbird Badge adorning your uniform, marking your dedication to the greater good.

Take Charge

Lead an elite strike force and infiltrate Imperial compounds. Command a capital ship in the front lines of the Galactic Civil War. Plot the next moves for an entire sector’s complement of forces. No matter what office you hold—indeed, no matter what your role in the Rebel Alliance—you’ll find fresh avenues for advancement and adventure in Star Wars age of Rebellion Lead by Example.