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Whether you’re the next Beyonce, or completely tone-deaf, Spin to Sing is the talent show game all about who gives the best performance. Pin to Sing uses music you already have downloaded onto your smart phone. Each player scores your performance in secret using the 5 star scoring system, and at the end of the game, the performer with the highest score wins! The winner is then…
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Spin to Sing takes the popularity of the live talent shows from the telly into you living room for 2-6 players. In order to play gather your contestants, download the app and set up your playlist from your own music. Please note the music you can use in this app must be downloaded on to the phone, you can’t use any music in the cloud from a subscription service.

Once that’s done place your phone in the supplied spinner and spin away! Whoever the mic ends up nearest is the next to perform. They choose one of the tracks and sing away. Song choice is important here as this isn’t karaoke – it’s a performance so knowing the words is all part of the show!

After your performance everyone else will get a chance to rate your performance out of 5 and at the end of the game the player with the best average wins. Of course having the app gives a number of cool features like taking photos of everyone while they perform and turning this into a slideshow at the end of the game.

This is a game aimed at the mass market but for those who are blessed with the gift of singing, or at least believe they are Spin to Sing will provide a ton of entertainment.

Player Count: 2-6
Time: 15-45 Minutes
Age: 6+

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