Scythe: Game Board Extension

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Scythe is one of the most popular titles from the Stonemaier Games range. In fact, it’s one of the most popular games in the modern gaming market! Scythe might well be designer Jamey Stegmaier’s magnus opus. It’s set in an alternate Europe, where giant mechs stomp across the terrain, alongside humans who work the land. Up for seven players compete – via action selection – …
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The Scythe game board extension slides next to the back side of the standard game board, creating a complete board with 70% bigger hexes.

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If you ever thought that the board that comes with Scythe was not big quite enough, The Scythe: Game Board Extension is exactly what you need! It allows players to increase the size of the original playing field to impress your fellow gamers for more enjoyment and greater ease of use.

On the reverse of the original board supplied with the base game you will have noticed that there is a much bigger version of the board already printed but it is missing part of the board and is incomplete. By placing the Scythe: Game Board Extension next to this side it will complete the entire board. The hexagon sizes have increased which allows you see much more of the incredibly detailed artwork! There are exactly the same amounts of board locations (including popularity, star and power boxes) present as it purely allows you to play on an up-scaled version of the original board. There are no other changes to the game play itself.

Aside from an increased footprint on the table, having a larger board allows easier visibility of location iconography, especially when there are many workers, resources and mechs in play. It all adds up to make the game look even more epic, if that was even possible!

The original board in Scythe is 624x818mm, which increases to 818x936mm when adding the Scythe: Game Board Extension.

A copy of Scythe is required to use this expansion.

Player count: 1-7 (with expansion)
Time: 115 minutes
Age rating: 14+