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Saboteur 2 is an expansion for the base game of Saboteur by designer Fréderic Moyersoen, published by Amigo. It retains all of the mechanisms from the original – featuring hand management, bluffing, network-building and secret roles. Here though comes a variety of new roles and additional action cards that spice up the gameplay and requires players to be even more devious in prov…
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  • Artwork
  • Complexity
  • Replayability
  • Player Interaction
  • Component Quality

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  • Enhanced, larger gameplay
  • Plays as a hidden role game should (not just black and white but shades of grey)
  • Able to play in teams
  • Small, portable and family suitable

Might Not Like

  • Small and fiddly gold tokens
  • “free gold” with thief action should come at a cost
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Saboteur 2 is an expansion for the base game of Saboteur by designer Fréderic Moyersoen, published by Amigo. It retains all of the mechanisms from the original – featuring hand management, bluffing, network-building and secret roles. Here though comes a variety of new roles and additional action cards that spice up the gameplay and requires players to be even more devious in proving or hiding which team they’re playing for…

In regular Saboteur, players are dwarves in a mine, searching for an elusive golden nugget. Three cards – two with rock, one with gold – are shuffled and placed face-down seven spaces away from the start card, the entrance to the mine.

Everyone is dealt a secret role showing which team they’re part of – either an honest gold-digger, or a saboteur. The gold-diggers win if they can dig a continuous tunnel to discover and reach the gold card. They’ll attempt to do this by playing tunnel cards that align from the start card to the card they suspect is the gold one. The saboteurs win if they can stop this occurring by hindering events – playing rockfalls, damaging equipment, or playing tunnel cards that meander away from the target. The trick is that no one knows who is on which team, so you’ll have to try and be subtle in your moves, or opponents could work you out and then gang up on you, gaining the upper hand!

Saboteur 2 introduces extra roles for players, providing a wider scope of gameplay and social deduction. There’s a green team and a blue team of gold-diggers, who both want the gold, but it’s a straight-up race to get there first. There’s a Boss, who wears both green and blue, but earns less gold regardless of which gold-digging team win. There’s a Geologist, who doesn’t care for the gold card, but is more interested in laying mineral cards in the tunnel.

There are also cards that can trap players (and an ‘unlock’ card, similar to the red break/green fix cards in the original). Some tunnel cards have green or blue doors on them that only the corresponding team can pass through. Some have ladders that allow a teleport action, of sorts (to bypass rockfalls).

If you don’t trust anyone at the table, you can also play cards that allow you to look at another player’s identity. Another card lets you swap your entire hand of six cards with another player. The most extreme is that one card allows you to force a player to swap their identity with one of the unused ones not dealt out this round!

Saboteur 2 is the ideal ‘next-level’ for fans of Saboteur. The marvellous thing about it is that all roles are shuffled and dealt out, so there’s the possibility that no saboteurs could feature in a round! However, the team vs team mechanism means there is a completely different strategy for players to plump for.

Player Count: 4-10
Time: 45 Minutes
Age: 8+



Saboteur 2 – More than Double the Fun

I have a confession to make, well just one in public.

“I made a mistake and I am human”

To my family this will come as absolutely no surprise. As I started to consider this card game I confess it was a fortunate mistake that enabled me to stumble upon this wonderful gem. Sometimes on a journey you take a wrong turning. This means you end up exploring places well off the beaten track – and being grateful for the inconvenience. This is one of those times.

As a family we had just enjoyed playing the “standard” Saboteur card game by Amigo Spiele at the local board game event one Sunday afternoon. We played with six (although the base game will support three to ten gamers). We enjoyed the simplicity of the game and the children enjoyed trying to work out who was the troublemaker of the group.

On returning home we decided to order it. In my haste I ordered Saboteur 2. I failed to read the small print that this expansion requires the Saboteur base game. A few days later Saboteur 2 arrives and I hastily un-wrap it, only to realise my error. I came clean to my wife, confessed my faults (she knows them already) and promptly ordered the base game. Of course, I did have to assure her that this was not a ploy to get two games when we had agreed “just one for this week!”

I am so glad that we now have both of these games. Saboteur as a base game is OK, and playing with six was fine, but not stunning. This article will assure you that a diversion, “off piste”, into the Saboteur 2 expansion is not only a welcome distraction but a massive improvement on this game.

SABOTEUR 2 cards

Saboteur and Saboteur 2 Gameplay

Saboteur and Saboteur 2 are card-driven, hidden role games. Using a set of cards the players are assigned roles. In the base game this may be a miner, looking for gold, or a rogue. The saboteur is going to stop at nothing to prevent the quest for gold being fulfilled. From a fixed starting point (a card) each player takes turns to extend the tunnels. The aim is to reach one of the three hidden treasure cards on the other side of the table. But only one actually contains gold.

Players can use cards in their hand and draw new ones each turn. Most cards contain branching pathways or dead-ends. Some might provide helpful equipment like a map. Other cards might hinder the other diggers. You might break their pickaxe or smash their light. This will stop them taking the pathways in the wrong direction – but are they the saboteur, or is it you? This is the beauty of hidden role games.

Saboteur 2 takes this hidden role charade to a whole new level. Whereas the standard game is for 3 to 10 players, Saboteur 2 now plays for 2 to 12. The expansion pack contains extra pathway cards. Many of these are more complicated with bridges and more dead-ends. A few contain colourful gemstones but are these valuable or are they a distraction?

Route One

The game now contains four new route cards that allow a player to immediately reach ground level and bypass any obstacles. The extra cards already will double the deck size. On top of this, there are additional action cards. Some allow you to put other players into a lock-up. This will stop them causing trouble, or perhaps allow you to cause mischief! Other cards allow you to steal gold at the end of the round or other cards will stop the thief.

The role cards in Saboteur 2 bring plenty of chances to win, or influence the outcome. The miners looking for gold are now divided into two teams, red and blue. This is important. The “winning” team claiming the gold must have a complete, uninterrupted pathway from the mouth of the mine to the gold. Some of the pathway cards contained coloured doors. These may only be passed/ opened by miners of that colour. This means that even if the gold is found one team might be excluded from a claim of the treasure if the doors are “against them”.

The saboteur role is still present but there are other secret roles. If you are the boss then you really do not care who wins. As long as someone gets to the treasure you are assured a share of the spoils. A profiteer role will win something (albeit less) whatever the outcome. The geologist is only there for the fun of exploring the mines. Their goal is to extend the mine pathways as long as possible to find as many gems. A quick claim of the gold will not be in his interest.

saboteur set up

Thoughts on Saboteur 2

The Saboteur 2 expansion fits alongside the standard game. All of the cards are of the same size and feel of a standard playing card. They have identical backs to the original cards. Each of the new cards has a “2” in the lower left corner to allow them to be separated more easily. The player’s hidden role cards do supersede the existing role cards of the base game.

In the base game the rewards for finding the treasure are cards with containing gold symbols. Now this expansion provides small tokens. This will facilitate the “theft” element at the end of each round. These cardboard hexagons are very small. They are functional, not of high quality, but in keeping with an inexpensive game. Committed gamers could easily use alternative tokens for gold nuggets if they preferred a more delux experience. For us, these fit in the box with the cards and work just fine.

Enhanced Traitoring

There are some additional rules that enhance the gameplay. One of the frustrating parts of Saboteur (base game) is that an opponent can stop you digging by playing a card, for example by breaking your pickaxe. In Saboteur 2 you can choose to discard any two cards to remove the obstacle, before drawing your next card. Whilst this does mean you can keep extending the tunnels, you now have one less card in the hand.

In order to get through the expanded, combined deck of cards some players (especially the saboteur) might choose to discard up to three cards and re-draw that number. This will get through the deck quickly but means that potentially valuable cards might be lost early in the game.

Sometimes (especially during lockdown) it can be difficult to bring a large group together for games. Saboteur 2 allows even two to enjoy the game. I would venture that this expansion works very well with just a handful of gamers. The variety of roles means that you may all be aiming for the same outcome albeit in a different way.


Role Swap

The opportunity to swap roles (and turn traitor or good guy) can allow you to turn a potential disaster into a lucrative situation. In playing last night it was very satisfying to use this function. I had been a saboteur and had very successfully hindered progress and blocked the (known) gold nugget card. I realised I would get at least as much gold by selecting a new role at random. By being dealt a new role (as a miner) I knew I had suitable cards to get the gold, hinder others and cash in handsomely. Being a “turncoat” is not necessarily something I would encourage in my children. However, this mechanism did show the importance of re-evaluating a situation and being prepared to adapt.

Most rounds take about 15 minutes to reach the gold. The number of gold pieces distributed will depend on the hidden roles. An additional complexity is the ability to play a thief or stop thief card during the game. A player might choose to steal a gold piece from another player at the end of their turn. This means that even if you fail to achieve your target you can still money in your bag.

It is usual to play the game over three rounds. The roles are changed each time, to give opportunity to cause havoc or just profiteer from other’s actions. The winner is the player with the most gold. Forty-five minutes is about right for this game.

Rocks in the Road?

Saboteur 2 adds so much more to the base game. The ability to remove hindrances (such as broken equipment) by discarding a card is a good mechanic. This creates a dilemma for the player. Should you continue to develop the tunnels, but with a reduced hand, or wait until a repair card comes your way, or even see if another play has pity on you and repairs your item as their turn? The thief cards are a good addition, but they are “free gold”. I believe they ought to be paid at a cost. Finally, the game still feels slightly stacked against the saboteur. I have some thoughts about how these minor wrinkles may be ironed out – but that ought to be saved for another article.

Final Thoughts on Saboteur and Saboteur 2

I am so glad that I have Saboteur 2. My “mistaken” order has proved to be a godsend. Indeed, I would say this expansion is how hidden role games should play. Rather than a “black versus white”/ miner versus saboteur, there are shades of grey. Some players may want a win but not too bad – but not too much. Others want a win but do not care who succeeds. People’s motives are not always straightforward. Saboteur 2 helps you to “read” people through their actions, which is often useful in dealing with others in real life.

Zatu Score


  • Artwork
  • Complexity
  • Replayability
  • Player Interaction
  • Component Quality

You might like

  • Enhanced, larger gameplay
  • Plays as a hidden role game should (not just black and white but shades of grey)
  • Able to play in teams
  • Small, portable and family suitable

Might not like

  • Small and fiddly gold tokens
  • free gold with thief action should come at a cost