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Rummikub Travel is a smaller, portable version of Rummikub Classic. With smaller tiles and collapsible racks, this is a convenient way to play your favourite Rummikub game on the move. Using the box lid as a pool for the communal tiles, you have everything you need to start laying sets and runs.
If you are not already familiar with its big brother, Rummikub Travel is a compact tile implementation of the card game, Rummy. Played over a number of rounds (or even a single game if time is tight) and using coloured numbered tiles (1-13), players win by being the first to get rid of all of their tiles. Tiles can be laid in sets (or “runs”) of at least 3 tiles. These runs can be consecutive numbers of the same colour or sets of the same number using the four different coloured “suits”.

After the first turn (which must include tiles which total at least 30), players may add tiles from their own racks of 14 starting tiles to existing runs by and/or rearrange existing sets in order to place them down. Two smiley face Joker tiles are wild and can represent any number or colour. If a player cannot lay a tile, they must pick one from the communal pool.

Beware, however, because any unsuccessful meddling with those melds will result in a 3 tile penalty. Plus, at the end of the game, any tiles left over on players’ racks will sum to form the winner’s victory point total! And that little Joker? Hold onto it for too long and that is a 30 point penalty at end game scoring!

Players – 2 – 4
Time – 30 – 60 mins
Age – 8+

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