Polar Party

Polar Party

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Polar Party is a game that probably involves ice and penguins.
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While their parents have a night out, the young penguins see the perfect opportunity for a secret Polar Party! They slide down icebergs (which the players build themselves!) and frolic through the water – and since they enjoy nothing more than fish, they try to catch as many of the hidden fish as possible. Careful though: The hungry orca roams the waters and can steal all gathered fish with just one mighty bite. Additionally, the parents are already on their way back and when they arrive, the kids should better be in their pyjamas and ready for bed … but there’s always time for just one more fish, right? Whoever collected most fish at the end of the game, wins.

From setup to scoring, Polar Party pulls players right into the gameplay. Its innovative use of the synthetic material Tyvek®, which looks and forms like paper but is wear and tear resistant, makes for both a very appealing iceberg-landscape and an unique gameplay experience.