Pneumata – PS5

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RRP £34.99
Expected Release Date 01/04/2024
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Prepare to question what is reality, and what is insanity in one of the scariest psychological horrors in years. The tenants are going missing, screams echo and blood seeps through the walls of Clover Hill. As a detective, unravel the truth that lays within and recover your fragmented memories, or succumb to the horrors that lurk in the shadows within this sinister blend of Survival & Psychological horror.


Cosmic horror that makes you question what’s real and what’s not; the line between reality and alternate worlds begins to blur.

True survival horror: scavenge for weapons and supplies in limited quantities and run/hide to survive by any means necessary.

Examine crime scenes and piece together clues and evidence in order to solve a series of gruesome murders.

Explore a realistic and gritty apartment building and discover hidden areas and pathways in your search for the truth.

Diverse AI: fight or hide against entities that are unpredictable and use your environment to create distractions.

Gruesome horror around every corner and an unending feeling of tension and helplessness as you explore deeper into the complex.