One Deck Dungeon Playmat

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RRP £23.99

Custom Playmat for One Deck Dungeon
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This One Deck Dungeon playmat is a 24″ x 14″ Neoprene mat, with fantastic art painted by Naomi Robinson. It has slots designed to accommodate a game of 1 or 2 players either sitting next to each other or across the table, with spaces for the heroes, encounters, deck, discard pile, turn reference, dice pools, and tokens. The playmat can be used to play the base version of One Deck Dungeon, but it’s forest-styled artwork makes it perfect to match the One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows expansion.

One Deck Dungeon is a card game “roguelike” a dungeon delve that is different every time, difficult to survive, with a character you build up from scratch. The deck consists of various foes to combat and other perils from the dungeon. Each card depicts both the obstacle to overcome and the potential rewards for doing so. When you defeat a card, you claim it as either experience, an item, or a skill, tucking it under the appropriate side of your character card to show its benefits. The longer you take exploring the dungeon, the deeper you’ll delve, and the difficulty will scale up quickly! If you make it far enough, you’ll have to fight the dungeon boss. Survive, and you’ll be a legend!

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