Omens of Ice: Elder Sign

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Omens of Ice is the first expedition expansion for the popular Fantasy Flight dice game, Elder Sign. This expansion takes the adventure out of the city of Arkham and into the icy wilds of Alaska, as you investigate the disappearance of an archaeological expedition from Miskatonic. You will face three new Ancient Ones of increasing difficulty who are very at home in the Alaskan Wilderness.

Samuel Bailey has expanded on almost all elements of Richard Launius and Kevin Wilson’s base game, including eight new investigators, 12 winter themed monsters, new common components (to be mixed in with those of the base game) and new Adventure cards and Mythos cards (which replace the base game cards for use in this Alaskan expedition).

You will need to manage supplies on the supply track, which will be used to mitigate the hazards that occur. Before the game you can choose the difficulty level – Summer is more merciful, while “Winter” is a lot more challenging.

The Alaskan Adventures are divided into two stages: Stage I possesses fewer dangers and provides more useful items. Stage II is more treacherous but contains the Elder Signs and rewards needed to defeat the Ancient One.

One thing that is unavoidable in Alaska is the constant snow storm – storm markers are placed face-down on adventure cards and you must flip the storm markers on your adventure at the start of your resolution phase – these can contain a variety of rewards or penalties from the accrual of stamina and sanity to losing items and even Elder Signs.

The Ancient Ones, Rhan-Tegoth, Rlim Shaikorth and Ithaqua are the stuff of nightmares – will you make it out of Alaska alive?

Player Count: 1-8
Time: 60-90 Minutes
Age: 13+

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