MTG: Theros Beyond Death Deck Builder’s Toolkit

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Once a new player understands Magic’s basic rules, the Deck Builder’s Toolkit jumpstarts their collection and introduces them to deckbuilding. Contains: 1x Pack of 125 Cards (included cards are the same in every Deck Builder’s Toolkit) 4x Fifteen-card Booster Packs from recent Magic Sets 100x Basic Land Cards 1x Deck Builder’s Guide 1x Magic Quick Reference B…
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Magic the Gathering (MtG) is a collectable card game for 2 or more players. Each game represents a battle between powerful wizards known as Planeswalkers, who have the ability to travel the multiverse.

Players will cast spells, summon creatures and deploy artifacts to overcome their opponents. Typically, a player will win by reducing their opponents starting life points to zero, but there are other paths to victory.

To play the game, each player will need a deck of at least 60 cards. Players may use pre-constructed decks or customised decks created from their personal card collection.

Theros Beyond Death is the 83rd expansion for Magic the Gathering (MtG), released on 24 January 2020. The set is comprised of 254 cards, including 101 Commons, 80 Uncommons, 53 Rares, 15 Mythic Rares, and five Basic Lands.

It is the fourth expansion to be based on the plane of Theros, a world modelled on Hellenic Greece. The set design, like others based on Theros, is heavily influenced by Greek Mythology. Mechanically, Beyond Death continues to emphasise the Enchantment card type, as previous Theros sets did. Aside from introducing a large number of these cards, players will find plenty of cards with synergies for Enchantments.

The Deck Builders Toolkit is aimed at new players looking to expand their collection. Cards from this product are ideal for customising pre-constructed Planeswalker Decks.

This product contains:
A deck building guide
A reusable card storage box
4 15-card booster packs from recent expansions (War of the Spark, Core Set 2020, Throne of Eldraine and Theros Beyond Death
100 Basic land cards
125 Fixed cards from recent expansions, including 5 Rare cards: Victory's Envoy, Serpent of Yawning Depths, Demon of Longing, Terror of Mount Velus and Treeshaker Chimera

Player Count: 2+
Time: Depending on format 20 - 70 minutes
Age: 13+