Monsters & Magic: Elves vs Lizardmen II: Lords of War

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The next of our game-changing Magic and Monsters Expansion Packs is themed around the Elves’ Wind Magic and Lizardmens’ Poison Magic and was funded by our fans on Kickstarter in May 2015.As with every Lords of War Magic and Monsters Expansion Pack, new elements of the expansion can be scaled in piece by piece or added in all at once to create epic-scale ‘Expanded&#…
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The second in a series of sequel decks to the original, UK Games Expo Award Winning Lords of War games, this expansion adds a huge number of new Unit Types, new Ranks and new rules to the base game.Alongside adding in new gameplay functions and mechanics, this expansion also introduces Moving Units to the Elves and Lizardmen Factions.The first of the major new Unit Types included in this expansion are Magic Units, capable of buffing allies and damaging foes using Elemental Attacks and Spell Tokens.The game introduces Monstrous Units - extremely tough cards with 'Monstrous Defence' which allows them to ignore low damage attacks.Finally, the Magic and Monsters Expansion also introduce Flying Units which are only vulnerable to Ranged Units and other Flying Units.While primarily designed as an addition to Lords of War: Elves versus Lizardmen, this expansion is also compatible with all other Lords of War Factions and adds additional Command Cards, Special Units and Elite Units to the base game.


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