Meteo: Flamme Rouge

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Flamme Rouge: Meteo, a small expansion for Flamme Rouge, introduces players to weather phenomenons such as storms, side winds, and head winds.
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Flamme Rouge is an excellent bicycle racing game of hand management and efficiency as each player battles to use their two cyclists in harmony. To succeed, riding in packs is essential, as is slip streaming. Just riding as fast as you can will only bring misery, and some rubbish low stamina cards that really mess up your deck.

The base game came with loads of content and ways to build tracks to race on. The Metro Expansion looks to add more modifying elements in weather effects. In the base game hills could affect your card play, negating somewhat lower cards, if timed properly, and now we have mother nature to content with too!

This is a small expansion that contains four long weather effect stands, and 13 weather tokens. Once you have set-up your course, you shuffle the weather tokens and deal then face-up to each straight on the course, excluding the start and finish tiles. Any that show weather effects have the weather stand placed at the side of that straight, and then all the tokens are removed. The weather stands on effect the tile that they are next too.

The weather stands show the effects that they apply to the straight that they are next too. As you may imagine, good weather such as tail winds will give positive effects where as others will make the going tougher. The effects are:

• Tail wind allows riders that start on the tile to draw an extra card.
• Cross wind prevents riders giving or receiving slip stream bonuses.
• Head wind means riders draw one less card and wet terrain forces riders who lose movement due to being blocked to resolve a crash.
• Crashing means the rider is laid on it’s side and no longer gives slip stream bonuses, in their next turn they stand up and apply -2 to the next card they play.

So, while the expansion is small on physical content, the new additions are easy to add and give you much more to think about when planning your moves. Trying to force a rider to crash, or take advantage of extra cards are very real options and this is a nice expansion to add to the base game.

Player Count: 2-4
Time: 30-45 Minutes
Age: 8+