Lannister Heroes 2: A Song Of Ice and Fire Expansion

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RRP £34.99
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you could earn 2495 victory points

Many Powerful Characters Answer to the Dire Wolf Banner. House Stark is known for its honour and integrity. As such, many have become allies of the great House that might be shunned or turned away, otherwise. In a world such as Westeros, it’s good to have friends. You never know what kind of skills they might be able to bring to the battlefield. The Stark Heroes II set for t…
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Despite them being but seven in number, the white-cloaked Kingsguard represent the most combat-proficient unit in the War of the Five Kings. Possessed of the best arms, best armor, and best training money can buy, and being utterly committed to defending their king, the Kingsguard can easily assault or defend against three times their number and expect to win. However, care must be taken in their employment, not just to prevent their encirclement and destruction, but in containing and defending the greatest weakness known to House Lannister: King Joffrey Baratheon himself.