Kavango Deluxe Edition

Kavango Deluxe Edition

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Kavango is a beautiful, strategic and fast-paced board game that has captured the hearts of over 3,000 kickstarter backers. With simultaneous turns, satisfying tableau-building and tough decisions, Kavango's gameplay has been praised by board game reviewers.

Created by Matt and Zara, while working on conservation in Botswana, Kavango is deeply thematic and is thoughtfully designed to be a modern and realistic view of conservation in southern Africa. With 160 beautifully unique species cards, 45 research cards, 10 conservation experts and 5 landscape boards, there is huge variability to reflect the incredible biodiversity of Kavango.

Don't miss out on your chance to buy the exclusive Kickstarter Edition with all stretch goals included!

Travel to the vast wildernesses of Southern Africa and step into the role of a Conservation Expert. Embark on a re-wilding journey as you transform your own unique landscape into a thriving nature reserve. Over three fast-paced rounds of card drafting, you will build a flourishing ecosystem. As you grow your nature reserve, you must complete research tasks to earn money to invest in protection and provide a haven for vulnerable and endangered animals. As the game progresses, your choices become harder and your strategy more complex as you aim to build the highest scoring nature reserve.

This deluxe edition comes with upgraded components to give the game a luxury feel:
  • The landscape boards are double sided with option card-holders so you can neatly tuck your animals into your nature reserve, without them being knocked off or blowing away!
  • The card trays are elegant and extra robust and double up as the perfect box organiser, with no need to inserts!
    There are five beautiful fabric bags to store the wooden components.
  • The tokens are upgraded to wooden tokens for a classic deluxe finish.
  • And finally, the box has an embossed logo to make it really stand out on your display.