Corvus belli – Hassassin Bahram (Sectorial Starter Pack)

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you could earn 3779 victory points

Great for anyone who wishes to start playing Infinity with a Yu Jing force with this Imperial Service – Yu Jing Sectorial Starter Pack from Corvus Belli. It provides base infantry along with special characters armed with very unique, powerful and devastating weapons to provide an all-round force. In this set you will get three Celestial Guards with Combi Rifles, the backbone …
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This Starter Pack is a totally new re-sculpt of the previously released version that it will replace. This Starter Pack is the best choice to start collecting this army, providing the core units of any army list
Box contains:

1x Daylami (Ch: Limited Camouflage, Inferior Infiltration) (Rifle + Light Shotgun)
1x Daylami (Light Shotgun)
1x Daylami (Panzerfaust)
1x Áyyār (Surprise Shot L2) (Shock Marksman Rifle)
1x Muyib (Rifle + Light Grenade Launcher (Normal and Smoke Ammo.))
1x Farzan (Forward Observer) (Rifle + Light Shotgun)