Heavy Recon Grenadiers

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Officially designed schwer SturmGrenadiere Ausf. A, the Heavy Grenadier Assault Squad is one of the deadliest unit in the Grand Axis Army. Each member of the unit carries not one but two squad sized support weapons, the Maschinengewehr 44 Zwilling (twin-linked MG44Z) taking advantage of the incredible strength their armor gives. Thanks to the sheer firepower of this dual weapon, the…
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The Allied forces sought shelter in an abandoned warehouse. The communications officer’s voice was drowned out by the sounds of wood shattering and the rapport of heavy machine guns. Three Axis soldiers marched heavily into the warehouse. Because of the darkness and obstructing rows of crates, it was hard to tell, but they appeared to be wearing battle suits of heavy armor.

Engage and destroy Allied squads with the Axis Heavy Recon Grenadiers, an armored squad expansion for Dust Tactics. Marching onto battlefields in combat armor, these soldiers can shrug off enemy gunfire and are practically invulnerable to infantry small arms fire. Their enemies are much less fortunate. Each member of the Heavy Recon Grenadiers wields two powerful MG 44 rifles designed to mow down Allied infantry in a lead rain. Take command of these elite soldiers,
shrug off enemy fire, and turn the tide of the war!

Three unpainted miniatures are exquisitely sculpted in dynamic battle-ready poses. The Heavy Recon Grenadiers make deadly squad killers, and their resilient body armor lets them join with some armored heroes.

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