Happy Salmon – Blue

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RRP £14.99
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This edition of Happy Salmon comes packaged in a blue fish, with six sets of player cards in colors not included in the original Happy Salmon, thereby allowing for games with up to twelve players. This version also features icons on the cards for the colorblind to assist in sorting the cards following a game.
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Happy Salmon and Happy Salmon Blue are basically the same game – but own them both and you can take the madness to 11 with, um, 12 players. The game itself is a simple. Six decks of cards are provided in a foam ‘pencil case’ style fish. Apart from the colour on the back these six decks are identical. Each player stands up, takes a deck and shuffles it. Then on the count of three everyone turns over their first card.

There are four different types of card – high 5, pound it, switcheroo, and happy salmon. Each is an action you need to take with someone else who has the same card showing. To find out who has you immediately start shouting the name of your card. When you realise someone else in doing the same thing you both perform the action and dump the card on the floor. Turn over your next card and go again. You can also skip a card to the bottom of your deck if you feel no one else is shouting the same thing as you.

The first player to empty their hand wins! The cards are more like plastic and incredibly durable which is great as you will be slinging them around in a bid to be the quickest. They are also illustrated in a fun way that fits the chaos of the game. If you combine the base pack with the Blue pack you will have 12 different coloured decks for ultimate pandemonium!

The gameplay itself is simple enough for anyone to join and so much fun they will want too. It’s a short burst of energy and madness and the worst bit by far is picking up the cards at the end. But you will do it, because you want to play again!

Player Count: 3-6
Time: 2 Minutes
Age: 6+