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Ticket to Ride: First Journey brings the massively popular railroad game to the younger generation, in a scaled down version suitable for the younger audience.

Inside this Days of Wonder game you will find a simplified, child-friendly version of Ticket to Ride. The mechanics and the theme from the original game remain rooted in this edition.

Each turn, a player can either pick up two train cards from the pile, or discard train cards of the same colour to claim a route - thus allowing them to complete the tickets that they have in their hand. If they complete a ticket, they then draw another ticket and try to complete the route shown. There is also a special cross-continent card that can be claimed for connecting a city from one side of the map, to a city of the other side!

Instead of scoring like the original games, in Ticket to Ride: First Journey it's the first person to claim six tickets that is declared the winner.

This game will have your children racing to build as many railroads across Europe as possible, all while keeping them engaged and entertained. While this game is aimed at children, adults will also enjoy playing this with their children as many of the concepts remain the same as in the original Ticket to Ride games.

Quicker gameplay also ensures that your children will remain engaged and enjoy the entirety of the game. They'll also want to come back and play it time and time again.

Ticket to Ride: First Journey is a fantastic game to introduce your children to the world of board games. It's simple theme and gameplay allows all abilities to enjoy a scaled-down version of a much-loved classic.

Player Count: 2-4
Time: 15-30 Minutes
Age: 6+


Ticket to Ride First Journey is the children's version of the popular gateway board game, Ticket to Ride. Brought to you by Alan R Moon and published by Days of Wonder, this game is a simplified version of the original and is perfect for children.

It is bright, colourful and uses the same engaging game play techniques we have come to expect from the Ticket to Ride collection. 2-4 players race to be the first to complete six tickets, each one showing a different route that you need to use your trains to claim. It takes around 30 minutes to play and is engaging enough for all the family to enjoy. Let's take a closer look at this great game.


The game board should be placed in the middle of the table and then each player chooses a colour and takes 20 trains of the matching colour. Shuffle the train cards and deal four random cards to each player. The rest should be placed to the side of the game board as a deck.

There are 32 ticket cards and these should again be shuffled and two should be dealt to each player. The rest of these should be placed to the side of the game board as the ticket deck. There are four coast to coast tickets that should also be placed to one side and there is also a golden ticket for the eventual winner of the game!

First Journey Gameplay

The youngest player starts the game and takes the first turn. Play then goes round in a clockwise direction. On your turn you can either draw two train cards from the top of the deck or claim a route.

Draw Train Cards

The train cards are either; red, blue, green, yellow, white, black or they are multi-coloured locomotives. The locomotives can be used as wild cards, so they can be whichever colour you need to claim your route.

Claiming a Route

To claim a route in First Journey you play the number of train cards from your hand that match the colour and length of the route you wish to claim. You then place one of your coloured trains on each space of the route you are claiming. Place the train cards in a discard pile, face-up next to the train card deck. You can claim any route on the board that hasn't been claimed already even if it isn't connected to any of the other routes you have claimed.

However, some cities are connected by two parallel routes, you cannot claim them both. Don't forget that locomotive cards are wild and can be used in place of any colour train ticket. You can only claim one route per turn.

Ticket to Ride First Journey - Board and Componets

Ticket to Ride First Journey - Board and Components (US Edition)

Completing Tickets

Each ticket shows two cities that you are trying to connect with a continuous line of your coloured trains. When you have managed to connect both cities shown on your ticket with a line of your coloured trains then you have completed one ticket. You tell the other players you have completed a ticket and place it face-up in front of you. You then take another ticket from the top of the ticket deck.

If you manage to get a continuous line of trains from one side of the board to the other then you will earn the 'Coast to Coast' bonus card. You must say 'Coast to Coast' and then take one of the 'Coast to Coast' tickets and place it face up in front of you. This also counts as a completed ticket.

Game End

The game immediately ends when one player completes their sixth ticket. This player is declared the winner and takes the Golden Ticket! The game also ends when a player places their last train on the board. In this case the player with the most completed tickets wins.

Final Thoughts on First Journey

I love playing First Journey with my son. It is a great game with lovely components and its format means that it doesn't take too long to play. It is a lovely engaging game to play and encourages forward planning, being aware of what others are doing and problem solving. It is a very satisfying game to play and is a refreshing change to the endless stream of cheaply made, mass produced kids games that saturate the market at the moment.

First Journey is a brilliant scale down of the original Ticket to Ride game and doesn't lose the essence of the full game. It requires the same sort of strategy, just in a way that is a lot easier for children to understand. It is a game that is well worth adding to your child's board game collection. Bright, colourful and lots of fun!

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