Final Fantasy TCG: Gift Set 2020

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FFTCG is a two-player trading card game, launched internationally in 2016 by Square Enix and Hobby Japan. It is the second iteration of the game, originally released domestically in 2012.

The game is based on the long running and hugely popular Final Fantasy video game series. Players create their own dream team of characters from across the series and face off in epic duels.

Expansion sets (known as The Opus Series) add new cards to the game, when released. This starter set is one of three that were released as part of the initial product range (Opus I). Starter sets are an ideal starting point for new players.

This product contains ten booster packs in a customised metal storage tin: 3x Opus I boosters, 3x Opus II boosters, 3x Opus III boosters and 1x Opus X booster.

It also includes an exclusive Tifa promotional card (Card id: 8-144S) In addition to English copies of: Y’shtola (Card ID PR-047/5-068L) and Hraesvelgr (PR-048/6-127L).

The Gift Set 2020 is an ideal product to jump start a new collection. The cards can be used to customise decks found in starter deck products, or to create original player made decks.

This product will also appeal to collectors, who will want the exclusive and promotional cards for their collections. There is also the chance that they may pull a sought after legend rarity card from one of the boosters.

Player Count: 2
Average Time: 20 minutes
Age: 13+

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