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Everdell for Everyone contains the new Harvester and Gatherer cards with new art (same mechanics, new names to replace the Husband and Wife cards from the original game). These Harvester and Gatherer cards will be the new standard in future printings of the game, but this pack will help you personalize your copy going back to the original printing of Everdell. There are also alternate art versions of those cards with a slightly updated layout that allows players to write in their names and roles so that every Everdell player can be included and represented however they so choose.


The duplicate cards are so these replacement cards match whichever combination you want to use. In the end, you need four “purple” cards and four “green” cards, but you now have choices to make sure your preferred names, relationship terms, and/or artwork is represented
The special Events referred to Wife and Husband but the updated versions also refer to Harvester and Gatherer.
You will also get 8 Farm cards that will work for either version that you want to use.
Another who backed the Everdell KS campaign (Newleaf, Mistwood, and Complete Collection) in March 2021 should have received this promo pack for free already.

12 Blank Gatherer cards
4 regular Harvester cards
12 Blank Harvester cards
4 regular Harvester cards
The Wilson family cards (the designers’ family represent in cards)
8 Farms
1 McGregor’s Market with updated occupied names and symbol
Updated Romantic Cruise and Flying Doctor Service events
1 Story card
1 Rules card