Doomsday Weapons: Zeppelin Attack! exp

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Bring even more megalomania to the table with the Zeppelin Attack! Doomsday Weapons expansion. Add more cards from the devious mind of Eric B. Vogel to your set and conquer the world. Deploy your science zeppelins on strategic missions, subject your enemies to atomic attacks, and save up for special experimental weapons unique to your devious mastermind. This 47-card expansion to Ze…
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The first expansion for the Zeppelin Attack pulp-themed Zeppelin card game. It adds several new types of cards: atomic attacks and defenses, experimental attacks, science zeppelins, as well as new cards of the existing types from the base game. This expansion adds a lot of variety to the game. Dominate the skies…and your opponents! This is not a stand-alone game, the base game is required to play.