Bedpans & Broomsticks: Escape from Shady Pines Village

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A exhilarating Board Game! Bedpans & Broomsticks Escape from Shade Pines Vill is fun, easy to learn, and keeps advanced players on their toes From the renowned Mayfair Games Studio Great fun for the entire family Includes extensive game explanation and game rules
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Bedpans & Broomsticks is a simple 1 v All hidden movement game. One player takes control of the doctors and nurses, while the other players are old people trying to break out of the retirement home!

In a hidden movement game one team’s moves on the board are hidden and it’s up to the other team to find them, before they escape or achieve their nefarious plots. Hidden movement games have taken various themes, from Fury of Dracula, to sci fi in Specter Ops to the British cops in Scotland Yard. This might be the first one to take place in a retirement home.

Unfortunately being old means that you are quite forgetful and so a big part of the game is ‘remembering’ the layout of the home. This is played out through tile laying. Other effects of being old include only being able to communicate to another old person in the same space, and having your vision reduced to 3 spaces only!

As you make you way around the retirement home you will pick up ‘stuff’ tokens that will help you or hinder the doctors and nurses and add an element of luck and take that to Bedpans & Broomsticks.

Each old person will have two tokens – one that is real and one that acts as a decoy to trip up the staff members. Initially the staff player will be in charge of placing new tile. If any of those tiles contain desks a member of staff standee can be placed onto the board. The map tiles can be made more complicated by the appearance of stairs and elevators. To out fox the old people the staff need to get their standees on to the same spaces as an old person or decoy and send them back to bed! Helpful staff can use ‘stuff’ tokens too.

The game ends when an old person escapes or the staff has to catch the old people the same amount of times as there is players!

Player Count: 2-5
Age: 8+
Game Length: 30-60mins

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