Batman Miniature Game: Rulebook

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Batman is the super-hero protector of Gotham City, a man dressed like a bat who fights against evil and strikes terror into the hearts of criminals everywhere. In his secret identity, he assumes the alias of Bruce Wayne, billionaire industrialist and notorious playboy; though Bruce Wayne is technically his real name, this Bruce Wayne is a disguisethat of the man he would ha…
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The Batman Miniature Game is a tabletop skirmish game featuring the powerful heroes and evil villains of the DC universe. Will you join the Dark Knight against the mobsters who terrorize Gotham? Or will you join his enemies to bring chaos to the streets and take back the night?

For the 5th anniversary of the Batman Miniatures game, Knight models are releasing a new and improved updated version of the rule set. 2nd edition promises to bring you all of the excitement of 1st edition with new and improved rules. Updates include:

  • Speedsters will be able to use as many Speed Force Powers as they want.
  • Updates for traits such as Dirty Fighter fast andBat-Armor
  • New Character Cards
  • How movement works
  • Restructuring crew with new alliances.

The2nd Edition Batman Miniature Game Rulebook contains all the updated rules required to play the fantastic new edition of Batman.

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