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The players go fishing in a Chinese archipelago. They catch 6 different fish species and bring them to the market. Each species requires its own bait, so it is not always easy to catch the fish right away. And a shark might come along and steal your bait!

Together, the players try to fill in all the market orders. But as the game proceeds, sailing gets more difficult while more and more storms are forming. Bait, fuel and other equipment will be harder to get as well. Luckily, the players can share these among each other.

ARCHIPEL is a challenging strategy game in which the players need each other to form a working plan of action.

CONTENTS: Game board, 5 boat cards, 5 pawns, 30 fish, 24 storms, 37 cards with bait and other equipment, 30 fuel markers, 20 ‘closed’ signs, game rules.