Lord of the Rings LCG: Across the Ettenmoors Adventure Pack

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The scenario introduced in Across the Ettenmoors thrusts you squarely into the heart of the troll-fells, a stretch of land rumored to be riddled with Trolls. As your heroes travel deeper into this dangerous territory with the hordes of Mount Gram at their back, they know there’s no path for them but forward. The hills rise, the rocky ground lies quiet under dark clouds and fla…
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The Lord of the Rings (LotR), the Card Game is a cooperative, Living Card Game (LCG) published by Fantasy Flight Games. One – two players (or up to four, with two core sets) take control of powerful characters and artifacts. Players will gather allies and coordinate efforts to take on the biggest threats to Middle-earth.

Across the Ettenmoors is the third of six adventure packs, each providing a structured scenario to play though. Collectively, the six scenarios form the Angmar Awakened Cycle – An extended adventure that takes place after the events that unfolded in The Lost Realm Deluxe expansion.

Note: This product is not a standalone adventure. Players will need a copies of The LotR card game: Core set and The Lost Realm expansion in order to play.

Across the Ettenmoors will take players deep into the troll-fells, a region rumoured to be inhabited by Trolls. Your heroes are pursued by the Goblins of Mount Gram, leaving you no choice but to press on. As your heroes move into the hills, thunderheads gather, but only one sound breaks the silence. The slow, heavy footfalls of Trolls. The objective of this scenario is simply to survive it.

In this 60 card adventure pack you will find a new hero for the Tactics sphere. This pack also contains three copies of nine different player cards. You will also discover new Ents, Mounts, and Signals, along with new Valour effects – and a Tactics side quest.

The Valour trigger was introduced in The Wastes of Eriador, it is a keyword found on some player cards. Valour Actions and Valour Responses can be triggered by a player whose threat is forty or higher.

Player Count: 1 – 4
Time: Depending on format 30 – 90 minutes
Age: 14+