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It won’t take long for you to realise that your perfect Australian accent isn’t quite so convincing without adding the words mate,” “skip” or “crikey!” to every sentence. Or that your Russian accent centres around vodka anecdotes, or that speaking in an Italian accent without making passionate hand-gestures is physically impossible!
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Accentuate “The fun of accents”. Party game for 2 or more teams of 2 or more players. One team member rolls a die to determine the play options for the round: Play means go ahead and play; All allows all teams to guess; Swap allows the player to swap their accent card; and Pass allows a player to pass their go to another team member. The player draws a quotation card and an accent card and then has 30 seconds to read the quotation while trying to imitate that accent to the best of their ability. Afterwards, the players’ team mates have one attempt to guess the accent and score a point. Under the All option, the other teams may also try and guess.

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