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Primaris Reivers Review

primaris reivers

Charging into combat against the alien, the mutant and the heretic you will need all the soldiers you can muster to deliver decisive blows to your foes. Having great reinforcements can allow you to change the tide of any battle to your favour or to throw your opponents game off. This is where the brilliance of the Primaris reivers come into play for any of your space marine armies.


Building your reivers work the same as every space marine unit, they come with clear instructions and some room for customisation options, these choices will usually relate to the head and weapon options. For my models I wanted to create a balanced variety of full skull helmets and half skull helmets but there is enough in the box for whatever style you wish to go for. (side not the capes and fur detailing are not included, and were created from green stuff)


As with most models in the standard space marines line painting the reivers allows for a lot of experimentation and depending on the way you decide to paint you can create a squad that will play in different ways. For my figures I decided to follow my paint scheme to create a look for the Emperors Spears:


Taking the Primaris reivers into battle was interesting and a lot of fun, although not the strongest units I have encountered, with them being wiped out very quickly in the game I played, they are still strong units that bring their own style and advantage to the field of battle. These reivers share a lot of their normal data with their front line brothers, but unlike them they have more ease with manoeuvrability. Equipped with both their grappling hooks, which give them ease to move both horizontally and vertically, and their grav chute, which allows them to gain the death from above ability, they can become very useful for turning the tide of the battle in many ways. Whether they have ease to move across the battlefield, especially ones that have vertical parts to the battle, or they can drop into the battle at a strategic point, this squad can become a great reserve that you will want for all of your space marines.


A great squad for your reserves and for easy navigation of the battlefield, they may not be the toughest units on the board but with the right time and place they can change any battle to become your greatest success.