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Since Pokemon began way back in 1996 when the original Pokemon Red and (believe it or not) Pokemon Green games were released on Game Boy in Japan. The Pokemon franchise has come in leaps and bounds since pushing it to become the most successful media franchise in history.

Starting with just two Game Boy games the franchise now boasts a whole series of games for Nintendo consoles and mobile, the long running anime series, a number of mangas, short and feature length films, the ever popular trading card game, a theme park and even a musical.

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Pokemon Trading Card Game

Pokemon Trading Card Game, also known as Pokemon TCG, is a card trading game with a similar premise to the battles we all love and know from the handheld games.

Since it exploded onto the scene in 1999 Pokemon TCG has become an immensely popular trading card game worldwide. Since release it has had more than 70 expansions to the game and has even drawn in a pro scene with Play! Pokemon as the official governing body of the Pokemon TCG competitive scene.

Whilst a lot of people are simply collectors searching for their ultra rare shiny Charizard card others love to battle it out with Pokemon TCG.

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Pokemon Gotta catch 'em all!

Pokemon Handheld Games

From the first Pokemon games of Red & Green in 1996 to the most recent Sword & Shield in 2019 the classic style Pokemon games have become a staple part of every Nintendo fans games collection.

An array of special editions like Pokemon Yellow, sequels like Black & White 2 help to really fill out the collection and keep you busy as you try and catch them all.

To date the games have spawned a staggering 890+ Pokemon for you to catch, collect, train, battle and breed.

Whilst the main series features mostly RPG style games for Nintendo's handheld consoles there have also been a slurry of other games spanning Nintendo's other consoles, mobile, PC and even the relatively unheard of  Sega Pico & the Advanced Pico Beena. Some of the most popular being the battle centric Pokemon Stadium style games and the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series.

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Pokemon Anime Series & More

The Pokemon anime series first started back in 1997 and has churned out a tremendous amount of episodes since. Starting with the first series known as Pokemon The Indigo League through to Pokemon Journey's The Series the latest series. The whole way the anime has mimicked the direction of the handheld games by going from region to region alongside.

Over the years the anime has gathered a large fanbase, cemented some classic characters such as Brock & Misty as well as making Ash & Pikachu the face of the Pokemon franchise.

The anime series is accompanied by spin-off shows such as the series of side stories called Pokémon Chronicles. There are a number of other Pokémon related news shows; such as Weekly Pokémon Broadcasting StationPokémon SundayPokémon Smash!, and Pokémon Get TV.

Pokemon Films

There are also a number of Pokemon specials as well as short and many feature length films. The feature films run alongside the games and anime and serve as a way of introducing the most powerful Pokemon types of all, Legendary and Mythical types.

There are now over 20 Pokemon feature length films, some released at the box office worldwide and others going straight to video release.