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PlayStation NEO rumours increase following ‘confirmation’

PlayStation NEO

Rumours of a new console being released by PlayStation are rife following leaked 'confirmation' of a 4K machine, under the name of PlayStation NEO.

The new console has been given the name of 'NEO' or '4K' by industry experts and it is expected to work alongside the standard console, rather than replacing it!

Sony are yet to confirm any specifications regarding the console but there are plenty of experts out there that have given there views on what it will feature.

PlayStation NEO Spec

According to various gaming news outlets, Sony has already send out NEO specifications to game developers.

According to Digital Foundry:

  • The CPU is 1.3 times more powerful than the regular PS4
  • The GPU is 2.3 times more powerful then the regular PS4
  • Memory has 24% more bandwidth and 512MB more usable RAM

The aim here is make the games looks are beautiful as possible whilst ensuring that they run smoothly.

More and more Ultra HD (4K) TVs are being sold across the market and Sony are preparing themselves for the change.


There are conflicting reports surrounding the actual games for the NEO console. At first there were suggestions that there would be separate editions of each game - one for the original PS4 and one for the PlayStation NEO.

That is just one theory.

Another suggestion is that each PS4 game from around October/November will come as a standard PS4 game but will have a special 'NEO Mode'.  Once in NEO mode everything would shift into 4K and the other upgrades.

Rumours suggest that current games on the market will have a patch/update released so that people can install a NEO mode to their game.

The idea behind is, is so that gamers are not separated between each console. The last thing Sony wants is a divide between their gamers.

In no way should people with a standard PS4 be unable to play with their friends online just because they have the NEO console.


I doubt that the PS4 controller will be changed for the new NEO console. The current controller works perfectly and was an excellent upgrade from the Dualshock3.

Lets not forget however that the PlayStation VR is due to be released towards the end of the year. The virtual reality headset will bring a whole new concept to the world of console gaming.

Virtual reality headsets are usually very processor-intensive, so many think the new console will be designed with this in mind.

Perhaps the NEO will be designed specifically for the VR software? It would certainly be a wise move from Sony in order to try and push the sales of both products.

PlayStation Network

If the rumours are to be believed - and I hope they are - then you will be able to access your PlayStation Network accounts on both consoles.

Both online stores will be the same and the Trophies will be identical between the two devices. Other things such as themes and display pictures will also be interchangeable between the two consoles.

Online purchases for game content will state whether or not the product features the NEO technology.

Release Date

The release date for the PlayStation NEO will most likely be revealed at E3 in Los Angeles in the second week of June.

This is thee biggest gaming expo of the year and is the location for big news and releases. I would say that the PlayStation NEO and the release dates will be revealed there.

As for the release, well it has to be around Christmas time doesn't it? The last couple of weeks in November would be ideal, just as children around the world begin to write their Christmas lists.

For the adults the Christmas Bonus will be on its way - and what could be more worth while then spending it on a 4K PlayStation.


No price has been given for the new console just yet. The current PlayStation can be bought with a game or two for around £300.

I would expect the PlayStation NEO to be released for a price of around £350 - if Sony continue to use the 500GB / 1TB hard drive.

Given the success of the PlayStation 4, especially in comparison to the Xbox One, you would think that Sony would like to offer a reasonable price to keep their fans happy.

Keep checking the Zatu Games blog for all the latest news regarding the PlayStation NEO console.