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Oink Games are a Japanese publisher who are known for their small box card games. Games such as A Fake Artist Goes to New York and Deep Sea Adventure. Oink Games have just announced that two new games will be coming to the English market in August of 2019. They are Mr. Face and Tricks and the Phantom

Mr. Face

They say "a face can tell a thousand stories" (at least that is what they say on the Oink Games website) and lets hope it does because you will need it to do in the social guessing game Mr. Face. More specifically, you will be building a face out of different shaped pieces to match one of the exclamation cards.

On these cards players will find various emotions and exclamations. You must build a face to match the card well enough for other players to guess what the card says. Mr. Face comes with 28 face parts that can be used in whatever way you wish to build the expression or emotion.

Mr. Face, designed by Jun Sasaki, sounds very quirky and could be great fun with the right group. Oink Games pack a lot of game in to a small box and these seems like it will do just that.

Oink Games News - Mr. Face (Credit: Oink Games)

Tricks and the Phantom

Tricks and the Phantom is a deduction style trick taking game that uses a small deck of 10 cards. These cards are dealt out amongst the players so they only have two cards each. Each player selects a card to play, denotes the colour of the card using a token and tries to guess who has the highest card (i.e. is the culprit). The cards are revealed and whoever was successful in their guess earns points.

In addition, some of the cards have special abilities. The Phantom can take on any colour and is the lowest value card in the game. This card earns points for people that incorrectly guess that it is the culprit.

Tricks and the Phantom, designed by Takashi Saito, is a quick playing two to four player small box card game with some strategy and a bit of psychology mixed in.

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