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News Round Up: Ninja Division Controversy and Games Workshop 500

Ninja Division News - Wayward Board Game

This week Ninja Division release shocking news and the backlash affects their partners, while Games Workshop reaches a milestone.

IDW goes Wayward

So, the good part of this news: there’s a comic series called Wayward, in which a team of teenagers take on supernatural enemies, and IDW Games are turning it into a board game. The man who co-created Dead of Winter and Dinosaur Island - Jonathan Gilmour – is designing Wayward: The Board Game, and IDW will be bringing it to Kickstarter February year. It’ll be scenario based, with five in the base game. But there’s something else, see the story below…

Ninja Division Troubles Spreading to Associates

…IDW will again be using miniatures created by Ninja Division, but as we speak other IDW projects are experiencing internet anger over their team up with Ninja Division following the latter’s Kickstarter issues. Ninja Division were forced into a statement to a US Attorney General that they need three quarters of a million dollars they don’t have to finish and deliver Super Dungeon Legends, and are presumably relying on contracts with the likes of IDW to bring money in.

It remains to be seen what changes might happen here before the launch of Wayward, other IDW team ups, or even if Ninja Division will be able to earn enough cash (or sell themselves) to finish existing commitments.

Essen Thefts Follow Up

Japanime Games have published some figures relating to the loss from thefts which they and others suffered at Spiel in Essen. They claim that they, Artipia Games, Folded Space, Gotha Games, Greenbrier Games, and Hub Games lost “more than $20,000.”


“These are small to medium sized companies, run by a handful of individuals, often just family and friends in some cases. SPIEL is a year-long preparation process, and the profits from this show are sometimes the life's blood for the company, allowing them to continue creating and publishing the games their customers love.”

Games Workshop Opens Number 500

It turns out that the Games Workshop renaissance (mark about 8) has led to the 500th store opening, and it’s in Hong Kong. If you’ve visited them all tell us, I mean there’s bound to be someone visiting them all.

New Frontiers for Rio Grande Games

Fans of the Race for the Galaxy are in for a treat, as Rio Grande Games have announced a brand-new standalone title within the universe! New Frontiers will see players building galactic empires and conquering worlds, gaining new abilities and developing new technologies along the way.

The game is for 2-5 players, with an expected playtime to be between 45 and 90 minutes. New Frontiers should be hitting shelves before the end of the year.

Oceans Playtesting Opened to the World

Following the success of their opening round of playtesting for Oceans, receiving over 1200 submissions, North Star Games have now made the Print & Play files and Tabletop Simulator game available to everybody.

Fans of the Evolution series can download everything they need here!