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News Round Up: Yummy Yummy Pancake, Topiary and Frogs

News - Yummy Yummy Pancake

This week there is news about topiary, pancake flipping and frogs, which just goes to show the breadth of gaming subject matter.

Splotter go into their history for new release

Most people reading this won’t have a complete collection of Splotter games. The publisher is known now for Food Chain Magnate, but they started in 1997 with small runs of games they made themselves, and by small we mean 20 at a time.

Now, to celebrate 20 years in business, Splotter will be republishing an early game: Kiek. As this involves organising images, and is named after a type of photograph, Splotter have pulled graphics from across their history to use in the edition, including prototypes. Of course, there aren’t many copies of Kiek 2017 so you’ll need to go to their web store.

Adrenaline will introduce team gameplay

Czech Games Edition has had to delay their forthcoming Adrenaline expansion until 2018, but it could be worth it. Why? The expansion only has a working title now, but as it’s Adrenaline: Team Game Expansion, and as it’ll allow for team based gameplay with six players and up to teams of three, this should be good.

Adrenaline draws on first person shooter video games, and you’ll be able to get your hands on new weapons and new rules to harm people. Team is coming spring 2018.

Yummy Yummy Pancake comes with a frying pan

Okay, everything has been turned into a game, because Yummy Yummy Pancake is the game of… well… tossing pancakes. It even comes with a cute little frying pan, and yes we do want to stop writing this and see if we’ve got enough in the house for batter.

Anyway, focusing on this, Yummy Yummy Pancake was a hit at Essen, with quick, bonkers gameplay that includes flipping and memorising ingredients.

The Exit creators have designed a legacy game

Exit rode the escape room wave with such success they won the Kennerspeil des Jahres, and now they’re entering the legacy game world. The Rise of Queensdale is their first (and I say first because eagle eyed commentators have noticed the box has a one numeral on it…) and offers 25 hours of legacy gameplay.

However, the amount of text means the German edition comes in March but the English in August 2018, so maybe learn German over New Year?

Tabletop Gaming Magazine goes monthly

Magazines are supposed to be dying, and anyone who works in magazines just screamed at me to take the supposed out. But Tabletop Gaming Magazine has gone from quarterly, to bi-monthly, and this week announced a monthly schedule.

Ignoring the fact it’s going to cost us all more, surely the fact a print mag is doing so well is a sign we really are in the golden age of tabletop gaming? I reserve the right to be embarrassed by this quote in a year’s time.

Board Game Finder launches to suggest new games

Board Game Finder isn’t one of the price comparison sites, but something far more interesting: a website and algorithm which will suggest board games you should try depending on the titles, categories and mechanics you like.

Basically, the comments section of Facebook or BGG turned into a robot. Initial opinion is divided on how effective it is, but I believe the system learns as it goes so will improve further.

Magic Maze is getting a kid’s version

Magic Maze used a few neat tricks to turn a game about stealing items into a tense, mouth closed but hands waving dose of craziness that found a very happy audience. Now the team behind it are going to rework the game in a special children’s version. The differences include a more wholesome theme (finding ingredients for a magic potion to turn a frog into a king), the ability to speak to other players, reduced time pressure and a whole host more.

The board changes too, not just graphically but in terms of seeing it all when the game begins. In short, this is a revamp of a successful game to make it perfect for a younger audience. February 2018 is the target release date.

The Voyages of Marco Polo stops in at Venice

An expansion is coming for the Voyages of Marco Polo, and the theme is Venice. You get a whole extra board to represent Venice, as well as the rules to match, but you also get a new set of companions with special skills who can be played and last a single round, adding an extra wrinkle to an already good game.

Oh, and if you have a large group you’ll be pleased to know the box comes with enough parts to outfit a fifth player. The target release date is ‘early’ 2018.

Topiary is coming back out in English

Topiary is the art of clipping and cutting hedges into beautiful, sculptural shapes. Topiary the game is the art of arranging your bushes and meeples so everyone gets to see everything. Yes, we’re not making that up, Italian Game of the Year winner Topiary has you working on the perfect tourist garden, and your designs include a T-Rex, so already a winner in our books too.

An English language version is getting a new release from Renegade in, you guessed it, early 2018.