News Round-Up: Wildlands goes Judge Dredd & AireCon is a Success

Wildlands goes Judge Dredd

In this week’s news, Wildlands get the Judge Dredd treatment, AireCon draws to a close, pop culture characters pull together in Unmatched, Memoir 44 takes flight and a new book looks at the skill and work that goes into the fantastic artwork within board games.

Osprey Paints the Town Dredd!

Osprey Games, publishers of The Lost Expedition and Wildlands, have announced their next venture into the Judge Dredd universe! Judge Dredd Helter Skelter will see Wildlands get the Judge Dredd treatment and players will be transported to Mega-City-One, racing each other to find the fragments of their shattered worlds before the others.

The game will use the same quick play card mechanic that the original Wildlands did, allowing players to create strategies and set traps to lure their enemies in, as well as using the cards to activate certain abilities and actions. The game is currently set for an October release and we are keen to see what this game can bring to the table!

Another Successful AireCon!

Sunday marked the close of AireCon for 2019, with players all across the country and globe coming together to share in the joy of tabletop gaming! Airecon has seen steady growth over the years, this year being no exception with a reported 40% increase on footfall against last year. The convention focuses on the playing aspect of the hobby, with the show boasting the largest open gaming area in Europe.

Zatu were there demoing Coloma among other fantastic games and it was great to see so many people at the convention, those new to the hobby as well as some famous faces! The dates for next year have already been confirmed, so make sure you put March 13-15, 2020 in your diaries! See you there next year!

Judge Dredd News - AireCon a Success

Restoration Games restore yet another classic!

Restoration Games have announced the revitalisation of Star Wars: Epic Duels! Unmatched is not just one game though! It is going to be a line of products that will consist of various IPs.

“Unmatched pits two or four players against each other, with each player taking the role of their own hero. Each hero is represented by a unique ability and a custom deck of action cards, and each set comes with a double-sided board with different battlefields. The first two sets in the line are Battle of Legends, Vol. 1 and the eponymous Robin Hood vs. Big Foot. The Battle of Legends set includes King Arthur, Alice, Medusa, and Sinbad. Heroes from any set can be played against each other, making for surprising and exciting match-ups and tons of replay-ability.”

The first sets are set to be released at GenCon this year, with many more IPs set to make an appearance later down the line! We look forward to seeing what Restoration Games can do to with this project!

An artist's impression

Renegade Game Stduios are set to release a book celebrating some of the great board game artists and their work throughout the years! Board Game Worlds will be an art book showcasing artwork from 10 of the most prominent tabletop gaming artists.

Among the recent games mentioned as appearing in the tome are:

The art book has been written by Eric Dean and we can expect to see it arrive later this year!