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News: Viticulture World

Viticulture World cover
Viticulture World cover

The world of winemaking just got a lot bigger… Or should that be smaller?! For next month Stonemaier Games are releasing a co-operative expansion to their legendary Viticulture empire!

If trampling all over each other’s dreams of running a successful vineyard doesn’t always appeal, there is now a solution; you can make beautiful wines together!

You will need the base game to play, but if you have any of the other Viticulture expansions (like Tuscany, the Moors Visitors, or Rhine Valley), they can be incorporated too!

Taking us over 7 unique continents (Greengully, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, and Africa), each scenario raises fresh challenges and opportunities for your budding family business.

Oh, and in case you were reading this and worried that your geographical knowledge was floundering, worry not. Greengully is a simple design crossover with another Stonemaier game, Charterstone.

The continents vary in difficulty level from easy to hard, and they focus on different aspects of the game e.g. Asia is all about upgrading your board, whereas the emphasis in Europe is on completing objectives. You will be taken on a journey in every case, and the atmosphere and narrative change as you work around the globe.

And this isn’t a legacy game – you can play the scenarios as much as you like! Mixing up the cards in a given continent into a different order will change up the gameplay and your strategies each time.

You still have your own fields, buildings, money, and workers. And the core worker-placement mechanic is at its heart. But there is a new board which will only be bested by buddying up and working hard for the collective good. Each player must achieve an individual target score of 25VP, and the communal influence token must hit the hallowed 10th spot by the end of the 6th year (round).

So, with everybody having one eye on their own sore and the other on their fellow oenophiles, decisions throughout the game are focused on getting everyone and everything over those lines!

Mixing it up, rosé style, there are now 4 seasons, new innovation cards and events, as well as seasonal workers who wear the jauntiest of blue and yellow hats. You can also select a non-gender normative pairing of parental cards at the start of each game which is excellent.

There’s even a solo mode using AI players! Fewer spots on the baseboard, but loaded with opportunities to add power to action spaces and take advantage of (or workaround) events, the cooperative world of Viticulture promises to be a real challenge!