News Round-up: Ticket to Ride heads to London

Ticket to Ride: London News
Ticket to Ride: London News

Plenty of news this week for you. Some new expansions, new games announced and games going digital.

Ticket to Ride is London Bound

Ticket to Ride: New York was released in 2018 as a cut down, streamlined version of Ticket to Ride. It gave the experience of its bigger brother in a quick and cheaper way. Now, Ticket to Ride is taking a trip across the pond and is coming to the capital, welcome to Ticket to Ride: London.

New York taxis are replaced with London buses and black cabs, however nothing has been mentioned about the famous London Underground as of yet. There is not much more information known about the game, and currently there is no official release date.

Sample cover artwork for the game was on show at the London Toy Fair this week, featuring the aforementioned London vehicles, but it is not known if this will remain the same. Keep checking our news section to find out more.

Quacks & Witches

The popular 2018 Kennerspiel winner The Quacks of Quedlinburg, from designer Wolfgang Warsch, is getting an expansion: Die Kräuterhexen (or The Herb Witches). The Quacks of Quedlingburg is a 2-4 player push your luck bag building game where players are pulling ingredients from their bag and adding them to their cauldron. Pull too many cherry bombs from your bag and your cauldron will explode. Players earn points and can buy additional ingredients to add to their bag, allowing them to make better potions in future rounds.

The Herb Witches adds a fifth player to the base game as well as additional ingredients such as higher value pumpkins and fool’s herb, as well as the option to request help from the Witches. The Witches can grant you special powers such as drinking a potion after your cauldron has blown up or reducing the cost of advancing your drop token.

There is no official release date for the expansion other than “later this year”.

Ancient Roll & Write

Days of Wonder are jumping on the roll and write train that seemed to be the one of the “hottest” game mechanics from 2018. Corinth is a roll and write game set in Fourth Century BC, and is designed by Sébastien Pauchon (Jaipur and Jamaica). Players take on the rolls of traders using dice to acquire resources and deliver goods to the market.

The active player rolls the dice and groups them based on their pip value (ala Grand Austria Hotel or La Granja) which determines which actions can be performed. Players will use these dice to gain resources and deliver them to various locations. Players can also move their “steward” along a path to gain resources/bonuses or build buildings for additional actions or scoring.

Corinth is due to be released in Europe in March and North America in May.

Its all about the Qs.

WizKids have announced the ultimate edition of Quarriors! - Quarriors! Qultimate Quedition. Quarriors! is a fast-paced dice pool game where players can summon creatures (dice), cast spells and capture even more powerful creatures to gain the most glory.

The Qultimate Quedition contains all four expansions (Rise of the Demons, Quest for the Qladiator, Quarmageddon and Quartifacts) all in one big box. It also includes every promo card previously produced. The box includes 340 custom dice, 211 cards, double-sided glory track and a few other bits. If you like your Quarriors! this is really the ultimate edition, sorry Qultimate Quedition, to get.

Going Digital

Renegade Game Studies, Dire Wolf Digital and Garphill Games are working together to bring the very popular worker placement game, Raiders of the North Sea, to iOS and Android for the beginning of 2019.

In Raiders of the North Sea, players act as Viking warriors raiding helpless settlements. Players will gather their crew and resources and plunder settlement to collect the most victory points. The digital game is for 1-4 players and will feature solo play along with pass and play online modes.

Direwolf Digital have also announced that they will be bringing Mage Knight, Root, Sagrada and Yellow & Yangtze to iOS and Android in the future. Keep checking the news section to find out more about these releases as soon as we have any information.

Raiders of the North Sea Digital (Credit: Renegade Game Studios)

Roll Some More

More rolling news, but not of the roll and write kind, instead Roll for the Galaxy is getting an expansion and it’s a big one. The second expansion to Roll for the Galaxy, called Rivalry, contains three full expansions in one box and is rumoured to expand and change multiple aspects of the base gameplay. The expansion adds 60 new dice, starting factions, homeworlds, a new dice type and new game tiles (twice as many that was included in Ambition).

There is a new “Deal” mechanic/mode where “deal” dice are rolled each turn to determine what aspects of the game are negotiable to really change up the game. Players can trade surplus tiles, gain extra tile draws and convert citizenry dice in to developers or settlers.

The “Orb Game” adds an Alien die type with….wait for it….interchangeable dice faces (ala Dice Forge). Players can buy new dice faces with research dice and advancement on a tech tree. These new die faces are worth points at the end of the game and offer discounts on other areas of the game.

The expansion also comes with new player screens containing the new rules and game modes to seamlessly integrate the expansion with the base game. A big expansion for any Roll for the Galaxy fans.