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NEWS: Star Wars Unlimited Shadows of the Galaxy

Star Wars: Unlimited, the brand new TCG, recently arrived “with thunderous applause” (obligatory Padme reference). Following the success of Spark of Rebellion, and following through on their promise of new waves hitting stores at regular intervals, Fantasy Flight have unveiled the first details regarding their second set… Shadows of the Galaxy.

Prepare to head into murky territory as we leave the struggle between Imperials and Rebels behind to venture into the shady area that is the Outer Rim; Shadows of the Galaxy will be bringing Bounty Hunters to the forefront! That’s right, SWU is going to be bringing all those questionable characters out of the woodwork as they scheme and strive for that quick score. Carrying on the same model as Spark of Rebellion, this new set will launch with a two player starter pack of pre-built decks featuring the leaders Moff Gideon and The Mandalorian. After the huge success of The Mandalorian on Disney+ (and the hype surrounding the upcoming movie) this makes a ton of sense.

Of the 250 new cards, several have been revealed to the public courtesy of the Star Wars: Unlimited official website; just some of the cards to expect include Phase-III Dark Trooper, Razor Crest and of course, Grogu. I dare you to defeat that card… I dare you!

But cards aren’t the only thing that’s new… new mechanics are arriving to enhance gameplay. In short, here are two of the new mechanics unveiled so far:

Bounty: This is a new condition that can be attached to units. When the attached unit is defeated or captured, the opponent collects the bounty (e.g. readying 2 resources). Expect some useful returns on your hunting.

Capturing: A form of temporary removal. When a unit is captured it loses all of its upgrades and is placed facedown under the unit that was used for the capture. That unit is now ‘guarded’. If the unit that is ‘guarding’ the captured card leaves play, the captured unit is ‘rescued’ and returned to its owner.

Fantasy Flight have promised more details in the months ahead so be sure to keep your eyes peeled as we await more TCG goodness. It’s going to be exciting to see how these new cards and mechanics fit into the ever expanding world of Star Wars: Unlimited when Shadows of the Galaxy releases this summer.

As for me, I’m just waiting for the day I can get my hands on that Cad Bane card!