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News Round Up: The Godfather is on his way

Welcome to today's board game news round-up - where we take a look at this week's latest board game news and condense it into a great read.

The Godfather: Corleone's Empire Trailer Release

CMON, who also brought us Zombicide, Arcadia Quest and Raise Your Goblets, announced back in 2016 that they would be making a board game based on Francis Coppola's The Godfather and now,after over a year of play-testing and designing, the fateful day is finally here. The Godfather is about to hit shelves everywhere and to celebrate this CMON have released a new trailer, a very cool trailer... worthy of the original movie itself.

The Godfather: Corleone's Empire Trailer

On July 28, CMON is going to make you an offer you can't refuse. The Godfather: Corleone's Empire will be available at your FLGS. Eric M. Lang's newest game places you at the head of your family operations, vying for control of 1950s New York City. CMON Play members can get it two weeks earlier on July 14. Check out the trailer to get a feel of how it plays.

Posted by CMON on Monday, 29 May 2017

The trailer gives a great visualisation of the gameplay, with some visuals you would expect in a movie. CMON are known for great production design and with the help of Eric Lang, The Godfather: Corleone's Empire features unique mechanisms and gangster artwork that is mind-blowing.  The game promises tons of explosive gangster action and brutal confrontations and with a name like The Godfather in the title this game will bring something a little bit more than that to the table top.

Look out for this offer that you can't refuse on July 28 this year! A must board game must have or you'll be swimming with the fishes.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2's Awesome Car Game Mix 

There is no doubt that we can all agree that the Guardians of the Galaxy movies are heavily embedded with 70's and 80's classics and that, in some cases, out shine the wacky characters themselves.

With any mention of 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 there isn't a humming or a slight murmur of Blue Swede's 'Hooked on a Feeling' far behind and this year's addition to the franchise, Guardians of the Galaxy VOl. 2, has a soundtrack that will have all of our feet tapping with iconic classics!

Street Masters: Rise of the Kingdom

A new co-operative miniatures board game is up on Kickstarter, which is inspired by classic fighting video games like Street Fighter and Double Dragon. Street Masters: Rise of the Kingdom is for one to four players and features over 65 highly detailed miniatures, unique card decks for fighters & enemies, custom dice, and lightning-fast gameplay.

Players match up powerful fighters against villainous organisations in a wide array of exciting scenarios.

Designed by Adam Sadler and Brady Sadler, the game offers modular and elegant gameplay set in a unique and exciting world of brutal combat.

Check out their Kickstarter page and see the game artwork and miniatures. 

Wizkids Announce Trading and Negotiation in the Elysian Quadrant

Sidereal Confluence: Trading and Negotiation in the Elysian Quadrant ( a very long winded title) is a game for four to nine players where players must trade and negotiate with the rest to gain necessary resources to fund their economy to produce goods for following turns. Basically a competitive game pitting players against each other, Sidereal Confluence has a unique co-operative touch during the trading phases as no race can thrive on its own.

The ultimate goal is victory points, which are acquired by researching technologies, using your economy to convert resources to goods, and converting your leftover goods into points at the end of the game. The game is almost all simultaneous play, keeping the game play moving so players need to trade well to form a civilisation that is the envy of the galaxy.

Look out for Sidereal Confluence: Trading and Negotiation in the Elysian Quadrant coming this June.

IDW Games Announce New Game

Creators of the comic series, Wayward, are set to team p with Jon Gilmour, co-designer of Dead of Winter and Outpost: Siberia, for a cooperative adventure game - Wayward.

IDW Games have announced that they are working closely with writer Jim Zub and illustrator Steven Cummings on an upcoming Wayward board game. Where players assume the roles of the comic’s heroes working together to defeat villains controlled by the game itself.

Set in modern Tokyo, Wayward is an ongoing series published by Image Comics featuring teenagers imbued with supernatural power defending the world from Yokai, Japanese mythological creatures and spirits.

The comic series, released in 2014, has gained a massive readership and critical acclaim where the first volume of the series, “String Theory,” making the Young Adult Library Services Association’s 2016 List of ‘Great Graphic Novels for Teens’. In addition, the comic series was recently optioned by Manga Entertainment for development as a television series.

Jerry Bennington, VP of New Product Development, said:

IDW Games is ecstatic about working with Jim Zub, Steven Cummings, and Jon Gilmour on a project with as much recognition and fandom as Wayward. As a lifelong tabletop gamer, Jim’s creativity goes beyond just managing the IP. His input and feedback about gameplay and design have been invaluable to us, and will surely produce a product that embodies the soul of the comic series.”