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News Round Up: Cthulhu, Kill Team, Azul 2

Azul Kill Team

As CMON divide the gaming world with their massive Cthulhu, GW revamp Kill Team and the highly anticipated sequel to Azul is revealed: Stained Glass.

Games Workshop announces Kill Team

Games Workshop’s other 40k skirmish game is evolving, and here’s the exciting thing: the system is being revamped by the team behind Shadespire. Kill Team has appeared several times in GW history, always a skirmish game relying on small numbers of figures per side fighting missions rather than a mass table charging battle, and now GW are relaunching it in a new edition with plenty of support. As well as all the general gameplay refinements the Shadespire team are bringing, you can field four player’s worth of teams. GW will be giving this heavy support with starter boxes, team packs and terrain sets, but if you already have a 40k army or two you can just buy the rulebook and use your current figures.

The Game gets New Artwork: Oh Boy Does It

I’ve seen lots of people talking about The Game (which is the actual name of a game), but I’ve never seen anyone complain that the art wasn’t bright enough. Someone obviously did because the Target exclusive re-release is getting all new art from Dinosaur Island man Kwanchai Moriya, and it’s… distinctive. It’s a riot of colour, and we mean riot, a complete one-eighty from the dark tones of the first edition. There’s no UK release information currently, but don’t worry you’ll be able to see these cards from across the Atlantic. At night. In an eclipse.

More Details on the New Fiasco

We’ve already reported on the reworked Fiasco RPG, but now creator Jason Morningstar has released some details. The big news is a change in dice usage, with a card based system for ‘tilts.’ The use of cards is increased throughout the whole game in an attempt to streamline play and reduce bookkeeping. The rules will now be a small booklet, and you’ll be getting a box rather than just a traditional RPG book, hence the working title of Fiasco In A Box. It’s important we stress what Morningstar has, that Fiasco 2 is compatible with 1, and you don’t have to accept any of these changes (which are all work in progress anyway.)

Witcher physical RPG gets release date

A physical RPG of the Witcher series (i.e. a tabletop roleplaying game and not the excellent digital ones), was announced several years ago and now we’ve got a release date: Gen Con 2018. It’s an interesting project, because the Witcher RPG is being developed by the son of Cyberpunk 2020’s creator at the same time as the company behind the last Witcher video game is making a Cyberpunk game, and everything has cross fertilised each other. But don’t worry, the original novels are still a major source of inspiration.

SpyFall: Time Travel

Spyfall 1 and 2 are getting an expansion, but it’s not called Spyfall 3. Spyfall: Time Travel is the sort of title which tells you exactly what’s happening, because the locations the spy is hiding in are now scattered throughout time, from a cave at the dawn of man to a moon base. It still looks great fun and the central ‘find the spy’ gameplay seems untouched, but it’s all gone a lot more sci-fi.

Plaid Hat announce #definitelynotOverwatch

Plaid Hat’s new card fighter Guardians has been compared to videogame hit Overwatch, and by compared we mean people are saying the same storyline and characters with only the names changed to protect the innocent. Your scribe isn’t going to go into these similarities because he’s never played Overwatch, but when staff at Plaid Hat are saying it was an inspiration and using the hashtag #definitelynotOverwatch it’s pretty much accepted. You play a group of heroes who have returned to the fray trying to win locations off your opponents. The preview will be Gen Con with a winter release.

Azul announces Part 2

Do you remember when the web was filled with people arguing whether Azul or Sagrada was best? (Spoiler, they’re both great.) Well now Azul is doing Sagrada… sort of. The newly announced follow up Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra takes its theme from the stain glass windows of a palace in Sintra, and you have to build your window the best with the minimum of waste in an all new gameplay experience. Given that Azul has sold over 300,000 copies, the Essen release date is much anticipated.

Transformers meets Magic

Magic the Gathering owners Wizards of the Coast have teamed up with the Transformers IP to create a new CCG. The Transformers Trading Card Game is a standard two player card game, but the over sized cards allow you to do transforms on your robots/whatever the transformers count as these days. There better be Dinobots, that’s all we’re saying.

Palpatine comes to Legion

Star Wars Legion isn’t resting, and the swift release schedule continues with Emperor Palpatine coming out as a commander for the Empire. He has his red clad guard with him (albeit in a separate box), and yes he appears to be able to throw force lightning, but he’s slow so you’ll need to manoeuvre carefully. Or just stand there and fry anything that gets close.

Cthulhu: Death May Die is Dividing People

When CMON announced Cthulhu: Death May Die, they announced one of their biggest miniatures ever in the form of a Cthulhu sculpt that’s bigger than a baby. Their Kickstarter for the game launched this week, but orders were taken in a rolling format with the delivery date for the giant being pushed back for every few hundred backers. At time of writing, $250 gets you the full game and the monster-monster, but in April 2020. CMON aren’t afraid of annoying people as the first backers got a reduced price deal and a closer release date, but the behemoth campaign has already raised a million and isn’t the whole point of Cthulhu that people go insane over it?

That all said, people who have looked beyond the biggie have noted that the Rob Daviau and Eric Lang created gameplay looks... oh right, that’s controversial too.

Dragon Ball Z the Miniatures Game

Dragon Ball Z is celebrating a 30th anniversary soon, and that means games. Dragon Ball Z: Over 9000 is a social deduction game, while Dragon Ball Super: Heroic Battle involves flicking discs at each other and terrain. But IDW are also going to release The Dragon Ball Z Miniatures Game via a Kickstarter. We’re promised all new sculpts of the characters, and support lasting several years (so we assume that means expansion packs).