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News – Gamefound BIG Titles Line Up


Crowdfunding is nothing new, but Gamefound is the new crowdfunding site on the block! And it's not sinking either! In fact, with its upcoming repertoire of games, you could say it's going to be flying!

First off there's Robinson Crusoe. Although it is renown as a superb adventure tabletop game, it's now nearly 10 years old. What better way to appreciate this gem of a game than in a stunningly detailed Collector's Edition? I'll tell you how. With a brand new expansion to go along with it! This edition boasts new miniatures designed by Awaken Realms. This company's known for the stunning detail and quality of its components. Couple that in with the new companion app and it's truly been updated with the love it deserved!

Next, there's a game that's already been ported to every possible device. Twice in some cases! However, a port to tabletop must promise a new experience, right? The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The Board Game is currently being hidden from public view other than its captivating teaser preview page for the campaign. It's being created by Modiphius Entertainment, a publisher known for Fallout Wasteland Warfare, Thunderbirds and The Elder Scrolls: A Call To Arms. This particular venture is currently listed as an RPG with strategy and exploration elements... Leaving us in the dark, but it's unlikely to be a roll and write at this point!

Want More Gamefound?

Then we have HEXplore It: The Domain of Mirza Noctis, a cooperative hero building game for 1-6 players. It fits into the HEXplore It serves as both a standalone game and as an expansion to integrate, meaning you don't need to be savvy with the lore to enjoy the experience. What's cool here is that the player boards appear wipeable, meaning you have scope for some interesting customisation without being tied to them forever - giving a deeper roleplaying experience without delving into Dungeons and Dragons!

Gajin is the penultimate game in this lineup. Designed by Awaken Realms Lite, it's a game that can be visually described as Cyberpunk 2077 meets samurais. It's light on the details currently but boasts a modular board, scenario play, character customisation and scope for optional cooperation across players. A deep sounding game for the "lighter" version of Awaken Realms!

Finally on the list is Monster Invasion by Peterson Games. This isn't a campaign cor a single game, however. This is a campaign for four different games, from five different designers with the continuous link of Monsters! You have the cutesy design of Marry the Monster with its large components and whimsical design. Then there's the need for subtlety as you sneak around in Invasion of the Brood! Or maybe you need your monsters to be more "on your tail"? Why not check out Evacuate and prey you're the least tasty of your friends. Alternatively, you could go fill detective and find out who's doing what shady business in Potions and Profits?

And there you have it! Five very different campaigns are being hyped up by Gamefound themselves. Whether they're the old becoming new, the next instalment in a series, or something completely fresh, they're all worth checking out and keeping an eye on. It's a bold statement, but this selection feels like there's something for everyone!