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News: Fresh From GenCon 2022 – The Fox Experiment!

The Fox Experiment
The Fox Experiment

Breaking News fresh from GenCon 2022! Elizabeth Hargrave of beautiful Wingspan (all of them!), Mariposas and Tussie-Mussie fame has co-designed a roll and write about breeding foxes! And it’s coming to Kickstarter in less than a month.

The campaign for The Fox Experiment launches on Kickstarter 6 September 2022 and I am already eagerly awaiting the “notify me” link!  Details are a little scant at the moment, but Pandasaurus Games have stated that in the game “you’ll breed your own domesticated foxes. In each round, you will select a pair of fox parents, and roll dice to make pups who may become parents in the next round. The right foxes will help you finish studies and please your patrons, to score you the points to win the game.”

The game is apparently inspired by a real life Russian experiment in domesticating wild foxes to see if they would act like our sofa-wolves (aka pet dogs). Through selective breeding of the friendliest pups in each generation, the scientists were hoping to eradicate the aggressive characteristics normally present in wild foxes. Now, I don’t know whether the Siberian Science Pros were able to turn Mr Fox into Mr Nice-Guy, but I am looking forward to rolling my way to domestic harmony.

Co-designed with Jeff Fraser, this is Elizabeth Hargrave’s newest title and her first in the roll and write genre. If it is anything like her other games, it is guaranteed to be gorgeous, and I can’t wait to sign up!