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News Round Up: Fallout, Magic and Pringles

News - Fallout Wasteland Warfare

It’s a great week for media being turned into games, with more news on Fallout miniatures, a Judge Dredd card game and Marvel dice. Also: crisps.

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare expansion will let you play as the monsters

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare draws on the rich background of a classic video game series, and there’s loads of awesome miniatures planned so you can build teams of three to thirty figures and slog it out on the tabletop. It’s already so popular the game is being released in waves next year, but there’s plenty of expansion plans. The sort of plans that involve more than humanity.

In the vanilla Wasteland Warfare some of the monsters from the RPG appear, but Modiphius have promised that they will become an entire playable army. For instance, the mireluck will appear as a force with troops types and a king and queen. If you want units of deathclaws, you can have them. There are loads of other plans, like an Automatron expansion that will bring many different robots, and a visit to Far Harbour. No dates yet.

Magic the Gathering’s leading cosplayer quits over harassment

Christine Sprankle was the undisputed godmother of Magic The Gathering cosplay, with a large online following and plenty of high profile appearances at cons. However, she’s announced she’s quitting the scene because of harassment from a Magic media figure:

“I feel like a terrible person. Like I am going through a horrible break up,” she explained, “I love Magic SO much I can't put it into words but I need my time apart from it. I don't want to become so bitter with one of the things I love.”

She’s named the harasser, and their accounts are being scrutinised by YouTube (they are currently deactivated), but Wizards of the Coast have announced they will take the lead in combating bullying in the Magic scene:

“Cyber bullying and harassment are unacceptable,” they began, “and we support those who come forward with their experiences. No one should be made to feel unsafe or unwelcome. We're working to be a part of the solution.”

Online discussion has largely admitted gaming has problematic elements.

Cards Against Humanity move on to target Pringles

It’s easy to understand why Cards Against Humanity (CAH) would fall out with and spoof Donald Trump, but we’d love to know what happened to their team to merit a satirical swipe at potato crisp Pringles. But that’s what happened, with the CAH website pushing you to the Prongles website, a place complete with packets of crisps in supermarkets, Pringles like cans and a strange pig mascot.

The official CAH explanation is they’re changing direction “to pursue our real passion: dominating the global snack food industry with a revolutionary potato chip.” Slogan: “Once you pop, that’s great!”

Marvel’s Contest of Champions is getting a dice game

In the Marvel universe, Contest of Champions has gone through several iterations: a battle in the comic, a battle in a Thor movie, a real world mobile game that’s well loved. Now it’s coming to your tabletop in the form of dice game Marvel Contest of Champions Battlerealm.

The idea is players will field Marvel superheroes in a series of battles, complete with special powers and no rigid division of good and evil. The release date looks like fitting in with the release of Infinity War, whose trailer just started to break the internet.

The Lost Expedition is being reworked with Judge Dredd

Extremely challenging card game The Lost Expedition is getting a second lease of life, and it sounds like it’ll be just as hard because it’s set in the universe of Judge Dredd. Yep, Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth will bring a host of brand new artwork (no borrowing from elsewhere), plus new rules which befit the universe like psychics and radiation.

Three game modes have been announced, with solo, co-op and competitive… and did we mention there might be dinosaurs?

One Ring and Adventures in Middle Earth RPG to get joint expansion

Cubicle 7 have a pair of Middle Earth RPGs in the form of The One Ring and Adventures in Middle Earth, the latter tied to D&D 5th edition. The same expansion has come out on both before, but only after being adapted, whereas now Cubicle will produce the first expansion to come out for both at the same time.

It’s going to take you into Moria, home of the Balrog, so prepare yourself for plenty of movie quotes.

Munchkin is being turned into board games by CMON

There are approximately a thousand expansions for Steve Jackson’s Munchkin, but they’re all for the card game. Now, however, a deal has been done with CMON and they’ll produce a series of board games. The first one is inspired by their Arcadia Quest property, and given that has a cartoony style people are assuming Munchkin’s long time illustrator John Kovalic will be on board.

There are also hints we might get miniatures, but that’s just a reading into Steve Jackson’s CEO’s statement that CMON have a “history of producing high-quality miniatures and games.”