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News Round-Up: Dune returns and Tokaido gets a Sibling

News - Dune makes a comeback

In this week's news, Dune is re-emerging, Die Hard is becoming a board game, Tokaido gets a sibling and the creators of Chronicles of Crime reveal their next game!

Dune Reappears

The extremely rare board game Dune is set to come back to print, 35 years after the original was released. Based on the novel, the game was created by the minds behind Cosmic Encounter and it was an instant hit! There were two print runs originally, along with two expansions, and things were looking good for this popular game. Unfortunately, sales dropped suddenly upon the film’s release and this saw the demise of the board game as no more print runs were created.

While the film may have flopped, the board game certainly didn’t and the fact that so few copies were available meant that the game became a treasured artefact. Do not fret, as Gale Force Nine (GF9) have announced they will be re-printing Dune, allowing fans to relive this great game! No release date has been announced yet but let’s hope GF9 can pull this one out the bag!

Die Hard gets a Board Game

The classic 80's “Christmas” film Die Hard is getting a board game counterpart thanks to USAopoly! Players can finally visit Nakatomi Plaza and live out their Die Hard dreams in board game style! No official details on how the game is to be played have been released, however The OP have said that we can expect the game to be suitable for 2-4 players and play over 90 minutes.

Lead game designer Pat Marino said:

“We are developing a game that will deeply resonate with Die Hard enthusiasts, incorporating even the slightest details to create a rich and entertaining experience that properly pays tribute to arguably the greatest action movie of all time.”

We have been told to expect this game during Spring this year.

Die Hard The Board Game (Credit: USAopoly)

Tokaido gets a Sibling

Namiji is set to be the follow-up for the ever popular Japanese walking game, Tokaido. This standalone exploring game will see players visiting landmarks, meeting locals and admiring the scenery along the East Sea Road. The laid-back gameplay is said to be similar to that of Tokaido, with mechanics being passed over as well, such as the last-goes-first player turn order.

The game has been demoed at this year’s Festival International des Jeux in France and the cards have suggested a very strong ocean theme. We can also expect sailboats to replace the meeples, however the track will remain linear. This is going to be a hit with fans of Tokaido and the release date has been set for later this year.

Another Hit Mobile Game comes to the Table

Lucky Duck Games have notable releases which have stemmed from their mobile counterparts, namely, Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride and Vikings Gone Wild. This time they are focusing on the tower defence game Kingdom Rush. Released back in 2011, this browser game soon made its way onto mobile and sees players deploying towers to stop the onslaught of enemy troops. Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time will follow this same formula, just in board game format.

Players will need to manage their heroes and towers, and work together to defend their base from the waves of enemies. Lucky Duck Games have a proven track record so I am sure this game will be a big hit! Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time will land on Kickstarter on April 9, ahead of a planned release in 2020.