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News Round-Up: Deep Blue and a New Golem Edition

Deep Blue News - Days of Wonder

In this week's news; Days of Wonder reveal their big 2019 release, Deep Blue, and Eastern Wonders goes Golem. Also, Serious Poulp have an exciting announcement, Bärenpark gets its first expansion and Ticket to Ride heads to a TV screen near you!

Days of Wonder dive into the Deep Blue

Days of Wonder have announced their big release for this year, Deep Blue. This game is going to be a push-your-luck engine builder where players will take on the role of divers, diving to the depths of the Deep Blue in search of treasure and fortune. You must gather a crew together to ensure you can race to the best diving spots to obtain the best treasure from those spots!

This game has been in the works for six years, with the designers, Asger Harding Granerud and Daniel Skjold Pedersen, describing it as a “passion project”. With the success of games like Quacks of Quedlinburg, another push-your-luck game that won the converted Kennerspiel des Jahres, Deep Blue looks set to impress audiences and I am eager to check it out!

It is set for a release in October this year.

Eastern Wonders goes Golem

Fans of the Century trilogy have had their prayers answered!! Plan B Games have backtracked and revealed a Golem Edition of Eastern Wonders.

Previously, Plan B stated that Spice Road: Golem Edition would be a standalone game with no plans to extend the theme to other games. Fans crowded Plan B’s stand at the release of the first Golem Edition, and it appears Plan B are willing to now U-turn on their original decision, seeing the mass support for the different edition of the game.

Plan B also confirmed that A New World, released next month, will also go Golem in due course. Like the original games, all Golem Editions are interchangeable. The new Golem Edition of Eastern Wonders will be called Eastern Mountains. It's set for a release on August 1, at GenCon.

Century: Eastern Mountains (Golem Edition) - Credit: Plan B Games

7th Continent Goes Classic

Popular Kickstarter game 7th Continent is getting a classic edition. The game, by Serious Poulp, originally funded in 2015 but took two years to arrive to backers. Despite the wait, it has been praised for its gameplay and extensive story.

Previously, the publishers have suggested that 7th Continent would be a Kickstarter exclusive. This is due to the mounting costs of organising a retail release. As a result, prices for 7th Continent have rocketed. Some copes have been sold for over £200 on Ebay!!

Following the delivery of the expansions, it appears Serious Poulp have changed their mind. 7th Continent: Classic Edition has been announced and will be a base, stripped-down variant of the original Kickstarter Edition. All of the non-essential items such as the plastic miniatures are out, as well as the stretch goals and any other cards listed as Kickstarter exclusives. This will still allow backers a sense of exclusivity as there will be a lot of content not available in this new edition.

The Classic Edition will be released later this year, along with two further expansions. No price has been announced yet, however we imagine it will be considerably higher than that of the Kickstarter, due to demand and the cost of retail print run.

All Aboard the Monorail

Bärenpark is set to receive its first expansion, The Bad News Bears. The expansion adds two new modules to the game. Phil Walker-Harding’s tile-laying game sees players building their own Bear Park. Along the way they add attractions and facilities in order to boost visitor numbers.

The game has been a hit with gamers and the new expansion adds some interesting elements. The modules included can be used both independently with the base game, or they can be combined.

Grizzly bears are the first addition on the agenda, bringing new challenges with them. They require more space than a standard bear from the base game. This, of course, will make it harder for players to continue laying tiles.

The module that I am most excited for is the addition of a monorail. This module will allow visitors to the park a view of the bears from the air, while also adding a nice 3D element to the game. This module will come with new achievements to tie in with the placement of the monorail so it will be interesting to see how that works within the game.

Bärenpark: The Bad News Bears Expansion (Credit: Lookout Games)

Ticket to Ride on your TV!

The ever popular train game, Ticket to Ride, is being transformed into a reality TV show. A new travel competition, set for the TV screens, has been created with Ticket to Ride being credited as the inspiration behind the show.

It's being developed by Asmodee Entertainment, the media arm of the board game distributor. This will be the first small-screen project it has undertaken. On the show, contestants will attempt to travel the furthest distance. They'll do this using all types of transportation, including trains, in a bid to win the grand prize.

Of course, this isn’t the first adaptation to be announced, with Asmodee Entertainment having worked on a movie adaptation of Catan since early 2015. It will be interesting to see how this game translates to the screen. We're rather excited to see the final product!

There is no word on a release date yet, however Asmodee will announce more details in due course