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News Round-Up: Clank! Goes Legacy & Wingspan is Born!

Clank! Legacy News

In this week's news round-up we look at a recently announced legacy game (but keep it quiet, hint hint), birds, eggs and aviaries and another digital to analogue video game conversion.

Shh....Don't wake the dragon!

Clank!, the very popular deck-building is apparently going down the legacy style gameplay route. Dire Wolf Digital, in partnership with Penny Arcade, announced at PAX Unplugged that Clank! will be getting some new legacy style gameplay next year.

Not much is known about the legacy elements but it is expected to be released towards the end of 2019. What is known is that the game board, deck and world will evolve and change over the course of multiple games (as in true legacy style). Keep an eye on the news for more information when it is revealed as it is going to get a lot of attention from fans of Clank!. Who knows, if it is received well, there could be a Clank! In Space legacy game in the future. Exciting times ahead.

Tweet, tweet little birdy.

Stonemaier Games, the publishers of Scythe and Viticulture, have just announced that Wingspan will be available on January 2, 2019. There has been some information disclosed about the game already on the Wingspan Facebook group.

The game contains dice, gorgeous looking cards, tokens and eggs. The box art is a also gorgeous with a picture of a bird in-flight. Information so far seems to suggest that it is a bird-themed engine building game where players are attempting to populate their aviary with various birds. It has a player count of 1-5, 40-70-minute play time and is medium weight. Keep an eye on the Wingspan Facebook page for regular updates.

Digital to Analogue

Video games to board games seems to be getting more and more popular (Assassins Creed and Horizon Zero Dawn to name a few) and now IDW Games are giving the same treatment to Metal Gear Solid. Metal Gear Solid is a tactical espionage game realised on the PlayStation in 1998, where the player controls Solid Snake and must sneak around, take out guards and ultimately stop the terrorists.

Emmerson Matsuuchi (designer of Specter Ops, another tactical stealth driven game) has been tasked with converting the digital to the analogue. Hardly anything else is known about the game and design, it has not even made its way on to Board Game Geek yet. I loved Metal Gear Solid as a kid so I am very excited to learn more about this game.

Tsuro Phoenix Rising

Tsuro: Phoenix Rising has been announced by Calliope Games and will be coming to Kickstarter in 2019. Tsuro and Tsuro of the Seas is a abstract tile-laying game for 2-8 players. Players take a tile and place it in the grid. The tiles contain curving paths and depending on where it is played can force players off the edge of the map. The last player left on the board is the winner.

Not much is known about Phoenix Rising and I am sure more information will be released in the coming months on the lead up to the Kickstarter campaign. I suspect it will be the same core concept with a different theme, maybe to tie in with the phoenix players coming back on the board after being eliminated. But hey, that is just me speculating. We will have to wait and see in the near future.