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NEWS: Century Big Box

century big box

Looking for a treat that’s low on sugar but full of spice and all other things nice? Then do we have an announcement for you. Plan B games have just announced that the exciting Century Big Box edition is being released this year!

Not wanting anyone to miss out on any content, with the big box edition, players will have access to all of the expansions included in the Century series. This includes:

Spice Road

Players take on the role of caravan traders traveling the renowned Silk Road, and must deliver spices to the far reaches of the continent to gain as many victory points as possible. The player with the most victory points will be crowned as the finest trader in the continent.

Eastern Wonders

Players take their trading skills to new reaches as they venture out onto the high seas and take their wares to the Indonesian Islands. Along with a new continent, this expansion also includes new mechanics that provide infinite replayability and exciting new play strategies to unleash on your competitors. What’s more, this installment of century can be combined with Century SIlk Road to create an entirely new game mode, ‘Sand to Sea’.

A New World

On the move once again, players seek new trading opportunities in the America’s. In this installment of Century, players must brave the wilderness, explore new areas, and trade with the locals. All whilst hunting and journaling their findings in order to survive. With a brand new worker placer element, this expansion takes the charming elements of the existing century games and adds an interesting twist to the mix. As with the other games, this expansion can be combined with any of the other century games to create a larger, more intricate game of century, or alternatively, it can simply be played on its own.

In addition, all promo items that were released for these three titles will be included in the big box edition, along with an exclusive new mini expansion ‘Golden Deals’. This mini expansion is unique to this edition of Century and includes a set of clear cards with printed effects on them. Players can place these over other cards and alter the details on them; modifying the cards in play and adding a new element to the round.

This brand new edition of the Century series offers the perfect opportunity for new players to pick up the game, and for existing players to bolster their collection and pick up the expansions that they’re missing. Either way, it can’t be missed!

If you’re looking forward to getting your hands on this new edition of a classic game, then you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have long to wait. Century Big box edition has a planned release for September 2023. And if that’s not exciting enough, you can pre-order the game right here on Zatu Games.