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News Round-Up: Century Trilogy Completed and Blockbuster Returns

News - Blockbuster The Game
News - Blockbuster The Game

In the news this week, the social experiment game The Mind gets an upgrade, Blockbuster rises from the ashes, Renegade Games teases the tabletop world with a new Kickstarter and Plan B Games brings its Century Trilogy to a climactic close!

Music to my Ears!

It has been announced that a new edition of the controversial card game, The Mind, will be released later this year! The Sound Experiment will come with a custom soundtrack, the aim being to give players an additional challenge. Much like Space Alert, the soundtrack will be on a CD so if you rely on digital media, you may struggle to use this to its full potential!

The CD comes with two tracks, both composed specifically for The Mind. The first track has been described as a way to “immerse yourself in The Mind universe,” while the second track will “take you on a jungle adventure”. Don’t worry, I am as clueless as you are!

This new addition will allow players to add an optional extra challenge to the game, adding pressure to your card-laying antics! Much like Marmite, The Mind is either adored by some, or hated by others. Those strongly in the “love it” camp will be intrigued by this, I’m sure, so it will be interesting to see what this can bring to the table.

The Mind Soundtrack (Credit: NSV)

Renegade Game Studio's Big Secret

If you follow Renegade Game Studios on Instagram, you will have seen a few images cropping up, teasing their brand new Kickstarter, due to go live at the beginning of February. There are many rumours flying around as to what this could be but my guess is that they have obtained the IP for Tremors and the game will based on the film series! It will be interesting to see what they have to offer but keep your eyes peeled for when the Kickstarter goes live!

Blockbuster Rising like a Phoenix

If you thought you would never see the distinctive Blue and Yellow logo again, think again! Blockbuster: The Game is the next brain child of Big Potato Games, allowing players to tune in to their movie trivia knowledge and compete to see who the true movie buff is!

Blockbuster: The Game plays over 20 minutes and players will have to name movies from various different categories until one player has no more answers to give. There will also be a round similar to charades where each team will act out a movie given on a card, all with the aim of collecting cards from each genre.

This fast-paced, movie guessing game is going to be a huge hit with movie buffs and will definitely be a nostalgic affair for those with fond memories of the video rental giant! The game will come in its own VHS case, adding to that 90's theme and looks set for a July release!

Blockbuster News - Big Potato Games
Blockbuster News - Big Potato Games

An End of an Era!

Plan B Games have announced the final chapter to their Century Trilogy: Century: A New World. The game has been created by the renowned designer Emerson Matsuuchi and has been illustrated by Chris Quilliams and Atha Kanaani.

Century: A New World will see players transported to the North American continent during the 16th century. You will serve as merchants looking for fortune and riches throughout the continent. You must have your wits about as you explore this foreign land and trade with new inhabitants!

Plan B Games have said that game will combine; “the incredibly fun elements of resource management and trading elements from the Century series with a unique worker placement mechanism”. Plan B have also said that both Century: Spice Road and Century Eastern Wonders can be added to this new release to create a more diverse gaming experience. Century: A New World is set to debut at Origins 2019 with a retail release shortly after this.

A successor for Roll Through the Ages!

Matt Leacock, creator of Pandemic, has announced he will return to one of his earliest designs to follow-up on his civilisation game Roll Through the Ages. Era: Medieval Age will be a spiritual successor to the 2008 game where players will use dice to build their structures and buildings. You will be in charge of the development of a single city, your dice representing different classes of medieval society.

Although you focus on your individual city, there is word that players can interact with each other’s cities, the gameplay description stating that you can interact through; “extortion, scorched earth and, of course, disease”. The game is expected to debut at GenCon this year.