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News Round Up: Battlestar Galactica Dogfights and Party Dances

News - Battlestar Galactica Spaceship Fighter

The big news of the week is a sci-fi challenger to X-Wing, Battlestar Galactica, but there is also news from Games Workshop, IELLO, Z-Man. Asmodee haven’t bought anything.

Games Workshop set the Fellowship of the Ring against each other

LOTR spoiler: do you remember that bit in Lords of the Rings when the Fellowship split? Someone in Games Workshop (GW) does. GW are releasing a new board game set during these events, and you play the Fellowship trying to throw the ring into Mount Doom.

What’s different is that it isn’t a co-op: the fellowship have sundered and are fighting among them themselves over who has the ring. No release date or price yet, and even the sample artwork is believed to be a work in progress. However, you do get nine miniatures of the Fellowship.

Do the Funky Chicken

Happy Salmon has a follow up that’s going to cause hell at parties. It’s called Funky Chicken, and it takes the Happy Salmon mechanism of fellow players’ cards (which you then discard, first one with no cards wins) and changes it into dance moves listed on the card.

Yep, Funky Chicken makes you do the Funky Chicken among many others, and the first one to lose all their cards gets to win. We assume a good soundtrack and sense of humour are required. No UK release date, but it's out in April in the US.

Godtear hits Kickstarter

Godtear was last in these news reports when Steamforged organised a beta version, which allowed you to buy a prototype game and report back on fixes and table bugs. That’s all finished now and the full Kickstarter campaign has launched.

Godtear bills itself as a miniatures arena legacy game, which boils down to teams of three fighting out on a permanently changing game board across a series of narrative battles. It’s already been funded.

The Battlestar Galactica spaceship fighter game. Yes, we said that.

Andrea Angiolino and Andrea Mainini created Wings of Glory, the critically acclaimed game of fighting planes and now they’re going into space: they have the licence for Battlestar Galactica. We’re promised pre-painted miniatures, innovative space combat and if you asked the question ‘which Battlestar Galactica’, the great news is both ships from the classic and modern eras of the show. One team plays Cylons, one humans and off you go. All eyes are on the Gen Con reveal.

Battle Royale. Sort Of.

Last One Standing: The Battle Royale Board Game is giving you the chance to kill your friends, casting you as people dropped onto an ever shrinking island, where you have to collect weapons and kill each other off to become the, err, Last One Standing.

If this sounds like certain computer games and films, we believe that’s deliberate. The turn system allows for the weight of what you’re carrying to push you down the turn order, so no carrying eight guns anymore. Kickstarter hosts their campaign from May 1.

IELLO want you, a camera and a good idea

Lovers of games, photography and good ideas should get ready: IELLO are running a competition to provide photos for a calendar. You’ve got until April 30 to do this:

"From Kong taking over the Empire State building, bunnies (from Bunny Kingdom) at the petting zoo, or a majestic landscape with Unicorn ready to run through it, the world is your playground and we want to see our characters in it! Take a photo of our character(s) in your surrounding world to make the world a little more IELLO. Remember, the more creative the scenario the better!”

Details here, however, the official IELLO page stresses it’s IELLO USA, so we don’t know if other nations can enter.

Star Wars Dice Binders

No, not the latest in merchandising every single thing to raise cash for Disney, but an official way to store your Star Wars: Destiny collection. Okay, same thing. Three new binders are coming which allow custom storing of 44 dice and the same number of cards, so no having it all clank around in the sack you borrowed from Village. Hypothetically.

The characters on the front are Jyn Erso, old man Luke Skywalker and Captain Phasma.


Z-Man resurrect Clans: now Fae

Another week, another welcome piece of necromancy from Z-Man Games. The latest classic to be re-imagined is Clans, which will be set in a mystically quasi-Celtic setting, keeping the original rules and getting a 2018 fluff up on the visuals. You manoeuvre druids to form groups and score, but the core mechanism is that all the pieces are coloured and no one knows which colour you are till the end. Can you move things favourably while bluffing?

Street Fighter comes to Kickstarter

The Street Fighter video game was huge when your scribe was young, but he’s not sure what the state of the franchise is in 2018. What he does know is it’s come to the tabletop with the Street Fighter miniatures game now on Kickstarter. You get pre-painted figures, a card based action system and a rules set we’re promised will be the core of a large family. The figures are in the vein of 75mm high and you can build your power meter to unleash those famed combos.

Kick Ass Board Game gets Release Date

Kick Ass: The Board Game is an IP game with miniatures from CMON but, and it’s a big but, it’s not going to Kickstarter and will be out in retail on August 31 for $60. You play vigilantes trying to be real super heroes despite a chronic lack of magic powers, trying to save a city from baddies. It’s not clear if this is co-op, but some reports say aye.

Coup’s World Expands Again

Last week we brought you the news of how Coup’s ‘Dystopian Universe’ world was expanding into another social deduction game (Exodus), and this week we have even more. The Dystopian Universe is going to become an RPG called Uprising, using the Fate Core system, which allows you to play as characters drawn from the archetypes in the other games.

The whole thing is being Kickstarted at the moment and has passed it’s funding goal.