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NEWS: Adventure Time Card Wars Kickstarter Launched

_Adventure Time

I squealed when I got the Kickstarter notification that Cyptozoic Entartainment’s Adventure Time: Card Wars 10th Anniversary crowdfunder just officially launched! With the £65,000 goal already achieved with over 500 backers at the time of writing (less than an hour after the Kickstarter went live), the campaign’s contents have finally been revealed to fans in all their glory.

It turns out that the previously teased ‘Ultimate Collection’ is exactly that: all six retail packs - featuring duels between two characters each - in one gorgeous package decorated with painterly box-art taken from the original Card Wars episode’s title card. This massive set, representing the lowest pledge tier, contains 480 cards across 12 decks (one 40-card deck for each character), along with the necessary landscape tiles, character cards and tokens. The next tier up also includes the 4-player, 2v2 Doubles Tournament, bolstering your table with another 164 cards. However, all cards are cross-compatible with one another, so backers who pledge for the Ultimate Collection and Doubles Tournament will be provided with an absolutely massive card pool to draw from with which they can create their own wild and wacky custom decks.

Besides these, some optional extras are sleeves, with a design to be decided by a fan poll; custom token bags and tuck boxes to protect your decks; a charming playmat mimicking Finn and Jake’s tabletop; mugs branding players the Cool Guy or Dweeb depending on who won the last round; and, most excitingly, a supplementary booklet featuring a Card Wars-themed quest for the upcoming Adventure Time: The Roleplaying Game, where players will battle Magic Man to retrieve the limited edition Card Wars card he has stolen.

The promise of stretch goals, too, is a big relief, and the campaign’s video trailer promises “additional cards to be unlocked”, while the written details guarantee there are “TONS of stretch goals planned”. I was worried that the game would be limited to repackaged retail products, but thankfully that’s not the case. So far, a new character, Cinnamon Bun, has already been unlocked, but Cryptozoic are already proving they will listen to and act on fan feedback; the addition of Adventure Time characters to the game (whilst, in-universe, they are the ones who play the game) was seen as immersion-breaking by backers, and Cryptozoic has already altered the card. More upgrades, add-ons and additional content will be revealed over the coming month - you can secure your own copy by pledging before December 15th!