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NBA 2K21 PS5 Preview

NBA 2k21
NBA 2k21

What can be taken from a trailer so short, shot entirely around one scene, featuring one player scoring one basket. Well we're about to find out as we take a look at the PS5's and Xbox Series X upcoming release of NBA 2k21.

First things first the player; Zion Williamson. One of the most explosives players to enter the game last year, carrying over college accolades the likes of which are rarely seen. He joined the likes of Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis as the only freshman to collect 500 points, 50 steals and 50 blocks in college, shot 68% from the field which is the highest by a freshman. The list goes on and on and truly one of a kind appearance into the NBA.

Unfortunately injury would mean he wasn't in contention for Rookie of the Year, but given what his coaches have said about him, comparing him to Lebron James and Michael Jordan, the accolades and the explosive force we've seen him deliver already, he's an extremely exciting prospect, making him the perfect choice for this trailer.

It's what fans want, they want the powerful dunks, blocks being knocked into the stands and powerhouses creating all-star moments and this man is the epitome of that.

However, we're here to talk about the game and what can we expect. If you listen to fans, like most sports games we'll get an updated roster with updated graphics, and in this trailer in particular updated sweat.

And unbelievably that's all we can get from this, I imagine if you've enjoyed the previous titles from the 2k games you'll enjoy this. It delivers a much more realistic feel to the sport and you'll be looking to pick this up over Live for example, which is a bit more of an arcade game; it will come down to preference.

Sports games are always going to be that way, you love basketball you'll pick up a basketball game and the same for football and Fifa, hockey and NHL. I do think the step-up graphically is huge, and it looks gorgeous in this clip and the perfect way to bring in the PS5 with the latest instalment of the game.

However, it's release date will be shortly before PS5, so it may not be until NBA 2k22 we truly see what the game has to offer on the next generation of consoles.