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Myrmourn Banshees Warhammer Review

mymourn banshees

Screaming Banshees

Feasters of magic, consumers of energy, Myrmourn Banshees are the vain of any spell caster. Equipped with swift daggers that chill the spine of any enemy, no mortal is safe from their reach.

Today, I’ll be reviewing the Mymourn Banshees box kit from games workshop. These easy to build models are a fantastic entry point for people who are new to the hobby, new to nighthaunt and looking for an easy model to start with.

As always with my reviews, I’ll go in depth with everything you can expect from this unit. All the way from cracking open the box, to fighting on the battlefield. None stone will be left unturned and no detail will go unscrutinised.

Misty Mourning

Before we get into what’s contained in this small box of Warhammer I’d like to go into what you’re buying with an easy to build kit. The kits are designed in such a way that all of the pieces simply slot together with minimal effort, and there’s no need to use any glue. The only thing that puts some players off this kit is the pre-moulded bases. They are shaped and structured to be part of the model itself and means that no part of the model is left out of the aesthetic. It is possible to glue the model onto a flat base, but it will take a lot of work and glue to make it stand firmly.

Now, onto the components. Being an easy to build kit, you don’t get a lot of components inside. But you do get the knowledge that every part of this kit is designed to make life easier for you. Less cutting, no gluing and easy painting. Inside you’ll find:

  •  Enough slot together pieces to build 4 models
  • 4 x 32mm round bases
  • 1 instruction booklet

Because of the additional rods that are included on the pieces, some parts will take extra effort to remove from the sprues. Therefore, make sure your cutters are sharp, and be careful when

removing the parts. The booklet you get is very clear on the order the model should be built in. Just make sure you have the right duo of pieces before applying pressure as they can be very difficult to pull apart once they are together without breaking the model.

As with all of my Nighthaunt army, I decide to go for the paint scheme that Games Workshop used in their pictures. It’s thematic, and gives off a ghostly glow when on the battlefield. Additionally, it’s really quick and easy to paint using this scheme. Given that Nighthaunt are a horde army, this allows you to finish a lot of models in a short amount of time.

To get the look I wanted, I used a corax white base coat before covering the model in Nihilakh oxide and dry brushing with white to give the model a ghostly apparition effect. It’s quick and easy to paint with this scheme, and you can clear a good few units in under an hour with it.

Spirited Away

These models look absolutely wicked on the battlefield, and appear to be floating out of the cracks in the bases. Although these aren’t the strongest melee units with only 1 wound a piece, they have a mean ability which can set your opponents plans back if you pull it off.

As you’ll unfortunately find with a lot of the battleline and ‘other’ units for Nighthaunt, they don’t have a lot of ranged or spell casting power. Most of this will come from leaders or the craventhrone guard; the only specialized ranged unit in the faction.

These banshees only have one melee at, but it hits fairly hard if you roll right. Each model gets 2 attacks that hit on a 4+ and wound on a 3+. With a rend of -2 there’s a good chance that these attacks will make it through; and if they do, you’ll deal 2 damage per success.

They also have a single ability, but it’s a doozy. If your enemy successfully casts a spell that targets a unit within 12” of the banshee’s you can roll 2D6 and add 1 to the roll if you have more than 3 models left. If the roll is greater than the casting value, the spell is unbound. To make it even better, this happens each time an enemy spell is successfully cast.

Final Thoughts

Although thai wouldn’t be my first pick for one of my rosters. It does make a great starting point for a new player to learn some of the game mechanics and get a feel for unbinding spells and using rend. The unbinding ability makes this unit really nifty, but with 4 models for 100 points, and low survivability; there are other picks that would be far more beneficial.

There aren’t any units that would pair nicely with the banshees, for the pure fact they they are best played central to the field, amid all of the action. Keep them defended and within 12” of as

many enemy units as possible so that you can counter spells left right and center. Then again, why not run a couple of them to cover more of the field and unbind any cast that leaves a wizard’s lips.

So there we have it, my 2 cents on the Myrmourn Banshees. A great entry point to visit before moving onto bigger and better models. As always, I’d love to see your finished models and hear your thoughts on my thoughts, so be sure to tag us using @zatugames on any social media posts.

That concludes our thoughts on Myrmourn Banshees. Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts and tag us on social media @zatugames. To buy Myrmourn Banshees today click here!